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Death Defying

Most of you don’t know these guys, or have ever heard of this song. My bud Teen knows. She remembers…I tell ya, it’s a catchy little tune and the title appeals to me these days. So enjoy – sorry it’s low quality and all that, but c’mon – it was the 80’s.

“If there’s one thing that I’ve learned,
It’s the point of no return
and if that’s to be our fate,
now’s no time to hesitate”

“Now’s no time to hesitate….now is no time to hesitate”.

I love these guys.

The Soundtrack of my Life.

Securing his position in the “best boyfriend of all time” category this week, Rocketman gave me a present. An iPod. Suh-weet! As I’ve said before, I am a music freak…no, fanatic. It was troubling to me that I didn’t have one, but I just could not justify the cost at the present time when I need stupid things like toilet paper. And food.

I cannot succinctly relay to you my blissful joy upon receiving this little tiny piece of Heaven.

At present, I only have twenty something songs loaded on it, because I’m still figuring out how to operate it, and download cd’s in my current possession. I know, I know, this is supposedly *easy* and all, but seriously, I’m lucky to get my bra hooked correctly every morning. There’s a bit of a learning curve, here.

Wanna know what I’ve got so far? I knew you did. I’ll share. In alphabetical order because I simply cannot rate such an awesome mix of fantastically kick-ass music.

1. Anniversary Song/Cowboy Junkies – Margo Timmins is an angel. This song is like sunshine to me. Anyone that fits “mackerel sky” into her lyrics is okay in my book.
2. Bittersweet/Hoodoo Gurus -College-time tune. “I cut, and I bleed…you seem to find that so hard to believe”. Love those nutty angry Australians.
3. Bizarre Love Triangle/New Order – I can’t help it, it makes me spin around in my kitchen.
4. C’mon C’mon/Von Bondies – Shameless obsession with the show “Rescue Me” turned me on to this song. I love the angst. “Things were good when we were young”. Amen, brother.
5. Cannonball/The Breeders – Great bass and reverb. Kim and Kelly Deal. Twins that rock.
6. Chocolate/Snow Patrol – The ever constant drum beat never changes. Solid.
7. Coming up close/’Til Tuesday – I have a creepy crush on Aimee Mann. She’s got that cool combo. That “at any moment I may stab you in the eye with an ice pick” innocence.
8. Crush Story/Too Much Joy – I was a little tipsy when I downloaded this one. I remember it meant something to me at some time, but I still haven’t figured that out. I’m not going to delete it until I do. Not sure I like it anymore. Weird.
9. Dixie Storms/Lone Justice- Sorrowful ballad that made me homesick when I lived in Los Angeles. Pour a stiff one and embrace the beautiful melancholy.
10. Don’t Run Wild/The Del Fuegos – Every college coverband in the world plays this song. Rightfully so. If you can be still when you hear this song, you’re in a casket.
11. Eminence Front/The Who – Enough said.
12. Glycerine/Bush -Cello + Gavin Rossdale = brilliance. “I wanted you more, when you wanted us less”. Awwww. I still cannot believe he married Gwen Stephani. There is no justice in this world.
13. Got the time/Joe Jackson – This is old school shit. Let the record show that I’m not a JJ fan, but this song kicks ass. I remember the first time I heard it, almost 20 years ago. I had to literally stop and give it my full attention because I’d never heard anything like it.
14. How to be Dead/Snow Patrol – A solemn open letter. “Dr. Jekyl is wrestling with Hyde, for my pride”. Fantastic.
15. I got you/Split Enz – The Brothers Finn write some pretty catchy stuff. I know it’s terribly 80’s, but you can’t help singing along. It brings me joy everytime I hear it.
16. I still believe/The Call – The Call is a band I mistakenly thought I had singlehandedly discovered. Michael Been has an incredibly powerful voice. He growls. He soars. When he sings the line “for people like us, in places like this, we need all the hope we can get” it never fails to give me goosebumps.
17. Little Conversations/Concrete Blonde – Johnette is one of my all time favorite female artists. Talk about a set of pipes. Her lyrics are daunting to me.
“you know these little conversations, well for me they’ll never do, what am I supposed to do with broken sentences of you?” Her cd “Bloodletting” is up there on my list of all time favorites.
18. Love will Tear us Apart/Joy Division – I don’t even know where to start. If this song was tangible, I’d ingest it. Maybe in a pita. With some hot sauce. I want it inside of me.
19. Rosalita/Bruce Springsteen – Guilty pleasure, plain and simple. Before he got all broody.
20. Shelter/Lone Justice – I think I *may* have a little crush on Maria McKee, too. She’s got that wiry pixie thing going on and when she sings her voice ascends the clouds.
21. Starkville/Indigo Girls – It washes over me like rain. The Indigo Girls can write lyrics like no other duo I’ve ever heard, besides Lennon/McCartney. Any album they put out is a worthwhile purchase. You know how great bands put out crap sometimes? Like U2 with “Zooropa”, or Dolly Parton having a mini-stroke and thinking “Islands in the Stream” was a good idea? Or Dave Matthews Band with….um, wait…no, that’s their entire career. The Indigo girls are just consistently great.
22. Strength/The Alarm – The Alarm never got the credit they deserved. Much like The Replacements. “someone write me a letter, I need to know that I’m still alive”. The entire album, Strength, is achingly beautiful and raw. Nothing is raw anymore. That makes me sad. I bet it makes Paul Westerberg sad as well. And Joe Strummer.
23. Somewhere a Clock is Ticking/Snow Patrol – The crescendo makes me teary. The melody. The harmonies. The beautiful blackness.
24. This is the Sea/The Waterboys – These guys are up there in my all time favorites. What’s better than a bunch of Irish guys guzzling whiskey and singing? Nothing. I have long insisted that the song “Fisherman’s Blues” is played at my funeral.
25. ThunderKiss ’65/White Zombie – I know, I know. Give me a break. I have no idea what Rob Zombie is singing/screaming/growling about. It’s pure gutteral primal nonsense. He’s one scary dude. And I love him. There. I said it. Don’t make me bang my head……’cuz I will.
26. Walk on Fire/Little America – I have a lot of great memories associated with this song, but that doesn’t supercede the fact that it’s just a simply great song. It’s like “Run” from Snow Patrol. Not especially brilliant lyrics, but an earnest and sorrowful ballady type pop song. Catchy and impossible to shake, even 20 years later.
27. Where is my Mind?/The Pixies – The Pixies are a love ’em or hate ’em kind of band. They’re like the cilantro of music. The guitar alone on this song makes it brilliant. Couple that with Black Francis/Frank Black’s woefully discordant voice, and you’ve got a anthem.

Like I mentioned before. These are just the songs I’ve picked out so far. I have a ways to go. I need Beatles. Husker Du. The Replacements. The Clash. The Ramones. Johnny Cash. Sigur Ros. Jenny Lewis. David Gray. ABBA. John Denver. Andy Logan. Van Morrison. Neil Diamond. Jayhawks. Sugar. The Police. REM. Pearl Jam. Tori Amos. The Decemberists. U2. Blondie. Elvis Costello. The Verve. Hole. Robyn Hitchcock. My Morning Jacket. And the list goes on and on. I’ll get there.

Music is personal for everyone. You can’t control what/who you love. Much like in life. And I love that.

The Reviews are in. You suck.

Okay, folks. Here we go.

I’m constantly amazed, no, chagrined, at what passes for music, literature and cinematic brilliance these days.

Let’s start with music. I am a self-proclaimed music authority. I figure it’s my birthright, as I innately know good music when I hear it. It’s a gift, really. There seems to be a big ambiguous gaping hole in what passes for *talent* these days. I realize everyone has their opinions, but seriously folks. C’mon.

I suscribe to Rolling Stone. Yes, I realize I’m the only white woman in her late 30’s that does. I’m not exactly their target demographic. The last page of the magazine is devoted to the Charts, and the Top 40 Albums. Who the f*ck are these people? With the exception of a very select few, most of this din makes me want to kick a kitten through a fan. The only thing that keeps me from drawing a razor blade across my wrists is that “The Legend of Johnny Cash” is still holding on precariously at number 36. Number 36. Think about that nonsense.

1. Anything by Nickelback. Your 15 minutes were over 5 years ago.

2. Anything associated with “American Idol”. Period.

3. Animal Liberation Orchestra: Who are these numbnuts? They have a song out called “Girl, I wanna lay you down”. Gee, guys…whattya mean? My lyric pick: “I’ll make you dinner, maybe a little pasta, we’ll listen to some music, maybe a little Rasta”. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

4. INXS and that douchebag that is their current lead singer: Okay, guys, Kevin Costner’s career is in the shitter too, but you don’t see him on a reality show. Yet, anyway. INXS’s agent should be shot at dawn. At close range. So should they for being so desperate that at some point, this whole debacle seemed like a good idea. I wish Michael Hutchence would rise from the dead and kick all their asses, Bruce Lee style. Get it? “KICK”?!? I guarantee he wouldn’t have taken his own life if he knew this would be the eventual outcome. I’ve got two words for you. Shabooh freakin’ Shabah.

5. Black-eyed Peas: I’m gonna make some enemies, here. I’ll make this brief.
“My Humps”: My lyric pick:

“What u gon’ do with all that ass?
All that ass inside them jeans?
I’m a make, make, make, make you scream
Make u scream, make you scream.”

And that’s not even THE HOOK. People, I could consume two cans of Alphabet Soup at lunch and literally shit better lyrics than this by dinner.

6. Sheryl Crow: Enough already. I’m terribly sorry she’s suffering through breast cancer right now and Lance dumped her. Seriously. But, maybe if she starts writing about the pain derived from those situations, we’ll get some quality music. Art is pain, Sheryl. I’d rather have a tarantula crawl into my ear and lay eggs than hear about Steve McQueen or you having mid-day beers next to a car wash. Just sayin’.

Ryan Adams: Less is more, dude. Let the record show I like Ryan Adams, but I’m seriously surprised I haven’t opened up an old family photo album and he’s not in the background somewhere, with his disheveled hair and “retro glasses”. (Ryan: see “Elvis Costello”..dude, it’s been done, and quite frankly, BETTER.) That goes double for Jack White.

7. Josh Rouse can kiss my lily white ass. Wuss.

For the sake of brevity, I’ll censor myself now. I could go on and on. There’s certainly no lack of material.

So not to sound (more) like a pompous self-righteous bitch, I’ll give you a brief selection of currently released music that doesn’t make me want to drink bleach. In no particular order.

1. James Blunt: “Back to Bedlam”- British dude. Sure, his cd is a bit whiny and predictable. Yet it’s less simpering than it is poignant. Plus, he’s hotter than Georgia asphalt.

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers: “Stadium Arcadium” – Yeah, they are what they are, but at least they haven’t deviated from their core and although a double album is somewhat overkill, it still has some tracks that I revere. Flea is a God. A toolbag, sure…but dude can play the hell outta some bass. He found his niche, good for him.

3. Lewis Taylor: “Stoned” – I’m not a big fan of the 70’s throwback blackfunkfusion music, but it’s good stuff. You’re powerless against the groove.

4. Gabe Dixon: “Live at the World Cafe” – Look out, Ben Folds.

5. Teddy Thompson: “Separate Ways” – It’s a suicide soundtrack for the most part, but if you can get over it’s blatant bitter desperation, you’ll find yourself mesmerized.

6. John Mayer: I’m totally kidding, I abhor John Mayer. “Hot” isn’t synonymous with “good”, unless you’re James Blunt.

7. Gomez: “How we operate” – These guys deserve every single accolade they’re currently receiving. Granted, it’s not for everyone, but a better live show you cannot witness.

8. Andy Logan: “Ride” – This gem isn’t available quite yet, from what I understand, but I got an advanced copy. Coming very soon. Check out his website: Bug him about it. He’s got a few cd’s available on You’ll thank me later. It stirs me to my core. And that’s a bold statement. It’s the real deal, period.

9. The Replacements: “Do you know who I think I was?” Pure. Fucking. Brilliance.

10. Augustana: “All the Stars and Boulevards” – Okay, I’ll admit these guys are my current guilty pleasure and if the tv show “The O.C.” ever needs a new theme song, “Boston” would be it. Except for the part about it being Boston, and not somewhere in Southern California. A technicality, really. These guys seem forthright and honest and they utilize a piano…never a bad thing in my book. You know how I roll…I kick it old school.

I’ve taken up enough of your time. I’ll conquer literature and cinema in the near future. Of course, because I’m right. So there.