You’re welcome.

More and more the internet disappoints me.  Instead of finding inspiration and knowledge,  I usually find myself lamenting the fact that I had to READ THE COMMENTS.  Guys, don’t EVER read the comments.  It’ll make you sad that you’re human.  We have more information at our fingertips than any other time in HISTORY and yet, we seem to be going backwards.

All of this negativity to say that once in awhile I stumble upon something extraordinary.  Here, internet, meet Neil Hilborn.


Heartbreaking.  And beautiful.  And heartbreaking again.


3 thoughts on “You’re welcome.

  1. vodkagal says:

    OMG. That’s AWESOME! One example of when you want to make SURE you read the comments! You’ve restored my faith, Becky Mochaface!

  2. I never read comments…. unless I’m making one but only to make sure someone ELSE hasn’t already put my witty addition there.

    But all that aside, that was an amazing piece of poetry! And I don’t usually like poetry!

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