So, it was bound to happen.  Mr. Cooper got skunked last weekend.  We were down at the cabin and I as I was cooking dinner I heard the door open and shut.  Being that Johnny was down at the dock, I knew this meant trouble.  Mr. Cooper can open the door with some force but rarely does it unless something really grabs his attention.  Like an ‘effing skunk.  He flew down the hill and into the bushes and I heard a ridiculous snarly ruckus.  Before I could make it halfway down I saw the skunk wobble out from the bushes and haul ass in the opposite direction.

Then I saw Coop.  Foamy mouthed and he looked somewhat sweaty.  I found out quickly that this was the oil that shoots from the skunk itself. Bull’s-eye.   The really awful thing was that this happened pretty late in the evening and we were 45 minutes from anywhere that would have any type of remedy.  We’d also been cocktailing so driving wasn’t an option.  Yes, we spent the night with the foul beast.  For those of you that have smelled a skunked animal, you know how terrible this is.  It is NOT at all like the smell on the side of the road when you pass a dead skunk.  No. This is literally barf inducing.

So much for the romantic getaway we’d planned.  Our night quickly became a silly game of hide and run from the poor dog who couldn’t comprehend why were suddenly shunning his affections.

The next day we drove 1.5 hours in my Jeep with all windows down on the interstate with said smelly ass dog in the back and attempted not to gag and/or puke down our shirts.  It was a looooong ride.  6 baths later and he’s still got a funk about him but we’re getting there.  He seems as over it as we are as you can ascertain from above photo.

So lesson learned.  Sometimes love hurts, but sometimes it just stinks.

5 thoughts on “P.U.

  1. Will Denton says:

    Tomato juice is supposed to do wonders when you get sprayed by a skunk. Maybe a juice bath would do Mr. Cooper good. LOL

  2. vodkagal says:

    You know Will, I had a lot of folks tell me that it’s a myth. A really messy myth. We did the hydrogen peroxide/baking soda/dish soap thing but the problem really stems from him having the spray on him for 15+ hours before we could get him treated. They say that makes it waaaay worse and they are correct. He is still whiffy and so is our house. I had another friend tell me “it’s part of your life now”. I hope he’s wrong.

  3. And they keep telling me the curse of the number 13 isn’t real… then WHY all this mischief, 2013? Why?

  4. Wendy says:

    Poor puppy! Makes me wonder, though, does his nose not work? Did he get used to the smell?

  5. susano says:

    I was surfing Google images for paintings of some style or another and your adorable Mr Cooper’s photo was in there for some reason. He is so cute and that’s such a great photo is should BE a painting! Anyway, it brought me here and I’ve lol’d at the skunk story (done that and Skunk Off is magic) and your getting trapped in shape wear (done that, too, and panicked, haha). Love your blog because it made me laugh so I’ll bookmark it and be back. Should you want to have a painting done, you can get it done fairly inexpensively here – http://www.paintingspal.com/oil_portrait.htm (found that, as well, while looking up art prints). Hope Mr Cooper and your house smells better soon. That smell is forever imprinted in my brain. And, your right, it’s nothing like skunk from a distance. I actually thought it had an under-note of pine (but not in a good way). Maybe they eat pine needles???

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