Yesterday I was in line at Kroger and this kind of cute young guy was standing behind me while putting his groceries up on the belt.   I noticed he had a wonky ear and tried hard not to stare but it was difficult because it looked like it had been melted.  You know how when a candle kind of caves in and drips down around itself?  Like that.  Naturally I was mesmermized and I was staring intently at it wondering if it was a birth defect or the result of an accident and thinking if he could hear through it and all of that and of course he noticed me staring and said “how ya doing”? to which I LOUDLY replied,  “IT’S REALLY  NOT A PROBLEM”!

Good grief.  Remember the flipper situation from a few years ago?  I am clearly the one with the problem.


I was walking to the bank the other day and ran into the gal that delivers packages to our office.  She told me that she had just been broken up with, via text message.  She has pink hair.

Me:  What?  That’s bullshit.  You’re not going to stand for that, are you?
Delivery girl:  Um, I guess I need to go by there after work and pick up my stuff.

Me:  No way.  That’s unacceptable.  You text his lame ass back and tell him that this is certainly NOT over.  You tell him that you deserve a lot more respect than that, didn’t you see that episode of Sex in the City when Burger breaks up with Carrie on a Post-it note?!?   Carrie at least went out drinking with her friends and smoked a doobie!   This is just as bad or maybe worse because at least Burger wrote something down and didn’t just type out “WE R DUN” or some shit and hit “send”!  I’m not saying you have to go all “Burning Bed” on his ass but c’mon, that’s one cowardly move and you know it and you totally deserve better than that.

Delivery Girl:  I’m just sad and I don’t know what you’re talking about.


I was coming out of the Courthouse earlier this week for work and grabbed the 4th floor elevator down in search of lunch and a walk around downtown.  Just as the door was shutting a hand stopped it and in walked what appeared to be an attorney with an inmate.  The inmate was a towering black dude wearing a dirty grey jumpsuit and handcuffs.  I heard clanking and looked down to see shackles and chains around his ankles.  He was also wearing neon orange Crocs.  With socks.

I looked at the inmate and smiled.  The attorney had a face like an onion and appeared to be no fun whatsovever.

Me:  I bet wearing those Crocs are worse than wearing those shackles.

Inmate:  *laughing* Girl, you know it.

Me:  Nothing says jail like plastic footwear!

Inmate:  Right?

Me:  Well, it could always be worse.

Inmate:  I don’t know …I’m basically wearing a snuggie out in public.

Me:  Yeah, your outfit doesn’t exactly say “my life is right on track”!

Inmate:  Shit.

The attorney then promptly escorted my friend off of the elevator while giving me a dirty scowl.  I wished my buddy good luck and he turned back to me and winked.  All in a day’s work.



  1. It says soooo much about your past that you connect with the convict and not the lawyer!

    And while I’ve not seem the movie Burning Bed nor a single episode of Sex in The City even I knew what you were talking about. Of course, I’m odd as testament to my 15 year old who is current obsessed with episodes of Fraser on Netflix. (He asked me if I thought Happy Days was a good show and I actually couldn’t answer him!)

    When you started the blog with a “kinda cut young guy” I thought… whoooo she’s stepping into my Cougar territory! Hurray… and then it quickly degenerated into Jen Zone muahahahaha… which I loved every word of!

    Two blogs in one month.. we are blessed. 😀

  2. vodkagal says:

    Ha! Now of ALL people you haven’t seen SITC? Holy shit, you ARE Samantha! I bet you’ve been told that before! Girl, you are the High Holy Cougar Master and I could never compete even if I was single. I’ve always said robbing the cradle beats robbing the grave.
    I was a cougar years ago though to a youngun 15 years my junior and of COURSE I ran into him today at lunch. How apropos! He was wearing this terrible looking back brace and before he could explain I said “dude, the next time someone puts you in a harness you should totally have a safety word”. I thought that was very Heather of me!

    • Hahaha… Brilliant! Safety word!… considering I attending the BDSM discussion group last night at the Polyamory Pool Party I attended last night (There were over 300 people there!) it is rather apropos. Muahahaha… and I have been told I’m a character on SITC but since I’ve never watched it much I never remember who. lol When it was popular I wasn’t a Cougar….. just a slut. hahaha

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