Peace and Pedals

So here it is, the 5th day of the year and I’m up and sipping on green tea this chilly January morning.    I’m thankful for the weekend.  What is it about “short” weeks that make them seem endless?  As I mentioned before, I’m grateful 2012 is behind us and I’m anxious and excited to see what lies ahead in 2013.

This is day five of no booze, lots of veggies/greens/lean meats and plenty of pure unadulterated sleep.  Now that’s something that I’ve totally underestimated in the last few years of my life.  I’m jittery by nature and am usually a fitful sleeper, except for in days of the past where I could sleep save snore at my desk back in my single years at DCC.  Of course, that was usually the direct result of my getting home around 4am the night before courtesy of some bands’ tour bus.

I can’t believe how fantastic I feel each morning.  I head to bed around 10pm these days and read for about an hour.  I’m asleep within minutes and yesterday I barely even had to make my bed because when I arose and turned around to to do so there was only one little corner of quilt folded over where I had exited the bed.  The covers and pillows were still as pristine as if an invisible hotel maid had just fluffed them.   Hurray for corpse-like slumber!

I’m getting on board with green tea as well.  I know, haters gonna hate but seriously, this stuff is pretty good.  I’m a one cup of coffee here and there kinda gal so I haven’t had a terrible adjustment with a caffeine withdrawl or anything like that.  Truth is, the mornings around here are in the upper 20’s and a piping hot cup of tea is just the thing to warm up your insides and clear your focus.   My BFF Jane introduced me to Tazo Zen and I’m totally hooked.  I drink it at home morning and night and at work and let’s be honest, can’t we all use a little more Zen in our lives?

This morning I’m embarking on a 15 mile bike ride through the greenways and along the Tennessee River.  Yes, it’s 32 degrees but I have the appropriate gear and the insane motivation to feel the icy wind in my face while the sun warms my shoulders.  I’m sure I’ll end up rosy cheeked with snot icicles dangling from my nose, but that’s alright.  It’s a beautiful winter morning and I’m here to see it.  This day has never been lived before,  so I’m gonna go out there and see what I can do with it.  I hope you guys do the same.  I heard someone the other day say, “don’t trip on what’s behind you” and I’ve decided to make that my affirmation.  At least for today.*

* the irony is not lost on me that even sober, I sound drunk.  humor me, won’t you?  I promise to return to my suddenly-all-time-spectacular-bowel-movements shortly.

5 thoughts on “Peace and Pedals

  1. Donnie... says:

    What happened to Marie? What did you do with her? Just kidding, now I feel like I have to go do something…..constructive. Thanks for nothing. Ha.

    • vodkagal says:

      Donnie! Well, you know how the REAL Marie had to get her fat ass on Jenny Craig? It’s like that. Except without the sponsorship. Wait a minute, maybe I can get that Skinny Girl vodka to hook me up? Prob a bad idea. You still overseas?!?
      Your debauchery was limited to too much Jager maybe once a year… Ole Marie is getting (or has BEEN) too old for that for some time. Thanks for reading, dude!

      • Betsey says:

        Wow … you guys read my mind. After reading your blog, I was going to say: You remember the year we went out and Marie showed up at work (actually we all did) still drunk? Good times … good times … and Donnie went into a meeting and called her out … 😉

  2. Love it! And while its no where near that chilly here in Sunny So Cal I am going to end up out in the cold as Sex God has decided we’re going to go surfing today. I may stay in the car! If I drink a tea while I do it can I pretend I’ve joined you on the porch? lol

  3. Wendy says:

    Yay for the new leaf! I started exercising last year in prep for a half marathon and got injured (though still ran). I was also having issues with leg cramps. My PT/trainer says that green tea is OK in moderation, but be careful about consuming too much. It is still tea and a diuretic (sp?….too lazy to check google)….hence my leg cramps.

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