I have had some funky Thanksgivings, y’all.

One year my live-in boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me after the meal itself and while I was putting up our Christmas tree.  That was fun.  Was it the brussel sprouts, honey?

Another year my Mom and I went to a casual friends house to find that her kitchen was under renovation and she was doing most of the kitchen stuff in the bathroom.  She was doing our dishes, etc. in the tub.  It was disconcerting.

We spent Thanksgiving at the hospital a few years ago with Johnny’s sick Daddy.

One of the BEST in memory was my Mom and I getting up early and going shopping at a craft store.  There was a torrential downpour and we had breakfast at Waffle House and lunch at McDonald’s.  We went to see “Love Actually” and topped the day off with cocktails and “Alice’s Restaurant”.  That was lovely.

Another memorable one was back in my days in Hollywood where me and my gay BFF Jerry decided to say fuck it and go to a bar, avoiding all things turkey.  As we sat in the dark solace of The Frolic Room, I noticed John Cusack sitting at the end of the bar.  He’d been out riding his motorcycle.  We chatted and I was even on the receiving end of a delightful Jagermeister shot.  He wouldn’t let me return the favor.  “I’m not drinking that piss and getting on a bike”.  Smart dude.

One year a friend of mine made me an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner.  Incidentally, he has one arm.  The only thing I did all day was open some evaporated milk with a can opener.


This year I’m doing the cooking with an all star assist from my Mother in Law.  We’re mixing it up a little this year since the passing of Johnny’s Father.  I’m doing turkey and all the fixin’s and that automatically puts me in charge of vodka, yo.

Reminiscing about all these Thanksgivings made me realize just how much things have changed.  How this path that I’ve chosen or that chose me has led me to here.  This year more than ever I’m thankful for family and old and new friends.  I’m thankful for an old smelly dog that follows me everywhere.  I’m grateful for finding a terrific job.  I’m thankful that every night I lay down next to my best friend who makes me laugh every single day.

Oh, and tomorrow also happens to be our wedding anniversary.  DOUBLE UP ON THE THANKFUL.   So tomorrow enjoy your day.  Wherever you land, whoever with.  Remember what’s important and remember that there’s plenty of folks out there grateful for YOU.

And as always, thanks for reading.

One thought on “Thankful

  1. Love it! Wouldn’t miss a post for the world 🙂

    So you’re saying your cooking all the turkey & fixings in Vodka?! lol

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