We got this.

Clearly I suck.  It’s been a month TO THE DAY and I haven’t posted a thing.  Boo, Corrupted Girl!

So much for fancy new site and renewed vigor for the written word, right?

Here’s a teeny tiny morsel for you.  Seriously, I KNOW I KNOW it’s over and all of the haterz can quit hating and you can quit blowing up Facebook on whatever your beliefs or stances are but c’mon, if you read this here little blog, the chances are you’re going to find this as funny as I do.

Two of my all time favorite people with one very important message.  We heard you, ladies.  Now go back to being awesome icons, if not somewhat regional ones.

This is CHER, bitches!  Do what she says.

Oh, and wait until the credits roll.  Yay!

2 thoughts on “We got this.

  1. Did I NOT say as soon as you got employed you’d not have time for blogging. lmao. And HOW in the world is the job NOT supplying you with enough material! lol You need to compose as you drive (or however you get there) from work to home and then write up a note as you pull up. Then do one big blog from the notes up on the weekend, BEFORE the Vodka. lol Seriously… lol.. that’s kinda how I do it 😉 And I miss your humor 😀

  2. Seriously. I have been checking your blog like a crazy stalker. Then I miss for a few days and you post!!

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