Too Legit to Quit

Y’all. I don’t even know how to act with this new site.  It’s like I’ve been renting a shabby apartment in the sketchy side of town and suddenly I’ve moved into a posh New York high rise.  Don’t get me wrong, Blogger was like that boyfriend we’ve all had…nice and safe but boring.  It was time for a change.  So, here we are in our new digs and trying to unpack all these boxes and figure out where things go.

How about that header, huh?  LOOK AT ME FOR I AM THE GIRL CORRUPTED!  I like it though.  No nonsense.

I’ll keep the old apartment for another few days but if you are a regular reader please update your bookmarks and whatnot to this new address.  Please excuse any quirks in these next few weeks – I’m on a learning curve and apt to accidently upload and publish a picture of my butt.

I would stay and chat but I’m off to find my parachute pants and my good hoop earrings for tonight I’m going to the Fair and guess just guess who is performing?


It’s either going to be awesome or a total shit show.  Sadly I’m not sure which situation I’m pulling for.

So, come on back and join me, will ya?  Any suggestions, comments, criticisms are welcome on the new site.  More changes to come.  Girl Corrupted is all grown up!

She’s still a lazy sot though.

3 thoughts on “Too Legit to Quit

  1. Clueless says:

    Oh I can’t wait for the comments about the show….

  2. Congrats on the new site. She’s beautiful!

  3. And I can’t wait for the picture of your butt! hahahaha

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