Geez you guys I apologize yet again for the ghetto appearance of this silly blog but I’m up to my nostrils in tutorials and research to move things around and possibly get a makeover.  Don’t get me wrong, Blogger’s been good to me but it might be time to change it up a little.  Stay tuned.

Okay, so let’s get started.   Y’all know me.  There are a lot of adjectives that can be used to describe me but “prudish” and “stuffy” aren’t among them.  One could argue neither are “sober” or “showered” these days.  Unemployment isn’t near as much fun as I’d imagined.

Anyway, I *may* have watched nine a couple of “Law and Order/SVU” episodes yesterday.   I can’t watched the other trajectories, only the really disturbing stuff, naturally.  Of course I was awake last night in complete paranoia convinced that there was a masked rapist climbing up the side of our house but what’s more is this:  This ridiculous Hardee’s commercial.

WTF?  This seems like a wee much.  C’mon, I realize sex sells and you can hardly offend me but holy shit those do NOT qualify as shorts.  They’re more like a denim scrunchie around her waist and I don’t even want to know where the inseam is.  If tits hanging out are considered cleavage than this is what I would call “beavage”. Geez.  I know, I know, the dudes love it and it’s not like they’re showing it on the Nickelodeon channel but even I sat at surprised attention when I noticed the buns in this commercial were not necessarily under or over the burger.

So I’m working on a lot right now guys.  A new website, finding an ‘effing job and maybe even some other nonsense.  If I could just figure out this money nonsense then I’d be slick as snot.  I keep thinking any day now.  Any day now it’s all going to come together but like the old joke says – you can’t ask God to win the lottery if you yourself don’t buy a ticket.

2 thoughts on “Beavage

  1. Wow…. brings new meaning to clean lines! And completely agree about the buns! lmao

  2. Betsey says:

    Love the new site!!! Happy Friday!

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