So today I ventured out to the new Target in my city (livin’ the dream, y’all) and I swear to all that is Holy if that store had a bar, I’d never leave.  Even the carts were nicer than the regular stores.  They were “fatter” like Tonka buggies or something.  Big wide aisle and low shelves so you can see thru the entire majestic place.  So. Awesome.
A man here was found guilty of animal hoarding the other day and the arresting officers found 18 (!) dead cats in his home.  This kind of thing makes my head spin.  I’m guessing this guy doesn’t use coasters on his coffee table either and that kind of thing will make my head fall off and roll across the room.   I can’t stand a dirty dish in the sink let alone say, a rotting carcass in my hallway.
There’s a tattoo convention in town this weekend and as I pedaled through the city today on my bike I saw all sorts of freaks artsy folk strolling the streets.
My fave was a idiot gentleman with his face tattooed as a large cobweb centering on his nose and spreading over his entire countenance.  Stay classy dude!
And before you haterz start in, let’s remember that yours truly rocks four tattoos  herself.  Part of me (don’t read this Johnny) totally wants another one too but am flummoxed on where to get it.  I am running out of areas that can be covered up in the event I ever become the First Lady.  That has always been a concern of mine.
 So.  Single as a Pringle signing off.

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  1. I saw on tv where said tattooed guy (the one with the cobweb head)actually makes well over a million dollars a year attending tattoo conventions and freak shows. what ya think about that? LOL

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