I’m a nuisance.

Okay folks still working on the site.  Might have to bite the bullet and learn wordpress or some shit.  Be patient with me, okay?  Suggestions?
We just got back from Michigan.  A long weekend with an 105 year old woman and a NASCAR race.  Well, Grandma didn’t go to the race but guess who was there?  KID ROCK.  That’s right.  I love me some dirty Detroit Kid Rock.  My sweet Granny is sharp as a tack and funny although her humor is usually unintentional.  Oh, and she is always perfectly color coordinated and accessorized and here I can barely get out of yoga pants or put on a bra.  For shame.
Dear Craigslist:
It’s bad enough that I’m unemployed but you fuckers are adding insult to injury with your false job postings that are nothing but scams.  I am taking that reply email address and adding it to every gay porn site that I know.  Enjoy!
Girl Corrupted
In more upbeat news, Chaz Bono was on Anderson today and it’s not even my birthday.  Woot!
Did I tell you all I’m “training” for a 5k?  Why do I do this to myself?  I am NOT a runner.  I do not enjoy it and I’m not good at it and I feel like my guts are jiggling.  My pal convinced me to do one of these color run thingies so maybe if people are actually throwing shit at me I’ll get motivated.  I am trying to lose weight (yawn/again) and I felt like this couldn’t hurt.  Still, I feel so dumb for trying this yet again.  I “ran” 3 miles yesterday in 42 minutes.  Can’t normal people walk faster than that?  Jesus.
OH!  This happened!

Okay this is a blurry pic from my pals Facebook page but this is the kind of random awesome thing I live for.  She posted this in her photos and I commented on how freakin’ cool it was.  I love stuff like this…original and vintage looking.  Yesterday after another defeating search for a job I came home and found a package in my mailbox.  This belt buckle was inside with a sweet note.  It was seriously the absolute (by a landslide) highlight of my day.  Thank you, Jess.  I’m from Michigan but my heart lives in Tennessee.

Alright.  Gotta wrap this up.  Having a birthday dinner with my Mother in Law and the kids tonight for Johnny’s belated.   She’s making a pork roast.  I almost gagged typing that but a little liberal splash of potato juice in my travel cup and off I go!  Hey, Johnny spent two solid days with a 105 year old woman who couldn’t hear a semi crashing through her home…I can handle a soggy pork roast with my Mother in Law and her yappy Shitzu.


Someone give me a job!  Come on y’all.

2 thoughts on “I’m a nuisance.

  1. I like sprinting… for about 3 minutes, up a hill…that's it. All other attempts by me at running were failures. I kept waiting for that elusive "runner's high" to hit… and the only time I experienced anything remotely like it… was when I stop.heeheehee

  2. Anonymous says:

    You can do it, Jen!!! Let me know how it goes. We are registered for the middle half in the boro' and the Susan G at the end of October … should be hilarious fun!!! And, even though I LOVE to exercise, yours truly HATES running as well. So, you are right to ask "Why do we do this to ourselves" LOLBetsey

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