Oh good Jesus, y’all.  It is late on Wednesday evening and in an effort to mix it up I’ve been trying to update this here little blog and give it a bit of makeover.  It, like myself, is in dire need.

Anyway, between my blurry eyes and my big old hot dog fingers I’m having a hard time navigating blogger and all of it’s new fancy schmancy upgrades.  So.
Give me another day or two.  Think of it like getting your hair done.  I’m flipping thru an “In Touch” magazine and trying on different looks – I’ll settle on one eventually.  Probably one that makes my hair look like a brown football helmet.*

*name that movie!

Your very tired very exasperated Corrupted Girl who is currently not drinking martinis and wondering why.  *scratching head*

2 thoughts on “F.U. HTML.

  1. Steel Magnolias, of course.

  2. Oh, I have soooo been in your shoes! Spending hours CHOOSING a template and then hours trying to make it work! lmao I sympathize heartily and well, I LIKE this format… although I will admit it looks a bit like Facebook's Timeline muahahahaha But way easier to navigate!

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