Hot Springs, NC

We have been up to our tits in pizza for over a month now but last weekend Johnny and I got to get away for a little getaway.  We rolled up into Hot Springs, NC and took a tub and camped out for a night.  Since some of you may not know us personally you must understand the magnitude of the amazing reality that my husband SLEPT IN A TENT ON THE GROUND, YO.

This picture was actually the view from our tent site.  Gorgeous.  We drank adult beverages and laughed our exhausted hineys off under the stars.  We took Mr. Cooper and I never in a million years thought I’d have Johnny spooning me while I spooned the damn dog.  We skinny dipped in a hot tub with a bottle of wine in the woods.  There, I said it.  It was fantastic and so needed.  The last few weeks have been such a challenge with us working all hours of the day and dealing with learning a new business and all that comes with that.

We strolled around the little quaint town and I’m here to tell you, we had breakfast with some of the nastiest dirtiest bone-in-the-nose fucking hippie hikers I’ve ever seen.  Seriously folks I’m one of the most liberal and generally live and let live accepting people I’ve ever met but the chick I saw with the bone in her nose?  STOP IT.  Freedom of expression my ass…that’s just dumb, I  don’t care who you are.

We went to Asheville, NC and strolled around.  What a cool town.  Loved the downtown atmosphere and chowed down on some superb sushi.
The weather was perfect and we met some great folks.  One redneck hillbilly we encountered gave us a perfect recipe for beaver.  NO THANK YA dude, but thank ya all the same.

Had a fantastic albeit too quick trip.  I love the pizza shop but we needed some time together.  Just me, my husband and my made-of-awesome dog.  Under the stars, in the hot tub and laughing our asses off in the car.  Sure, marriage can be hard, but this weekend it was certainly hilarious.

2 thoughts on “Hot Springs, NC

  1. Nice!I agree everyone needs a weekend of no work, no kids, no responsibilities, just your favorite person doing what you both enjoy.I get to do that this weekend at Coachella with my Sex God. I hope you get to do it more than the once a year I get!Especially if the pizza place takes off and you have even LESS time!

  2. ric says:

    say sis,jackie and I just returned from 3 day in ocean city md. for some one one.after 28 years, it is still wonderfulwe are so blessed. lov uric

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