A slice of my (new) life.

Because we are clearly mentally challenged and unable of making sound and fiscally responsible decisions, my darling husband and I have reluctantly eagerly decided to purchase a pizza joint.  Because of course, the restaurant industry is clearly consistent and viable in today’s upward and stable economy.

Waaaaaamp wamp.

Seriously.  We did.  I’m so not shitting you.  We really pulled the trigger with another partnering couple and now we’re the semi-proud owners of one little tiny somewhat ghetto pizza joint in an abandoned strip mall on the South side of town over the river where (incidentally) the main bridge is already out for the next TWO years due to extensive repairs.  What?

Now here’s the thing.  This pizza is THE SHIZ.  It’s that good, seriously.  We make our own dough.  We make our own marinara and pizza sauce.  We make 3 of our 6  salad dressings in house.  We use twice as much fresh and expensive ingredients as what’s the norm in the food industry.  I will personally pit our garlic knots up against the Mr. Pepperidge and Mr. Farm assholes.  This is the real deal, yo.  Good fresh food served in a friendly warm place by folks that actually care about the food, and more importantly, that you enjoy it.  Something that I think is lost sometimes in some of the bigger corporations.

Hometown businesses.  Organically grown and locally bought products.  Hand made food that is custom made for each customer.  That’s where it’s at.  Or at the very least, it’s where it should be.

If this doesn’t work, if this fails miserably, if Johnny and I lose our savings, well then, so be it.*

There’s something really honorable if not ridiculously cool (in my book, anyway) about feeding people good fresh food.  It’s such a simple thing, food.  But not really.  Not if you don’t have any.  We’re not going to save the world one pizza at a time but what if we could?  We might not be able to save the world but I bet we could help a family.  Or two. Or twenty.

I’m also willing to bet that people will pay for good fresh food served by happy folks in a warm atmosphere.  There can’t be too much of that, right?  Well, we’re banking on it.  Literally.  We don’t want to get filthy rich selling pizza although it would certainly not hurt my feelings if that exact thing happened, but here’s the deal…

I like people.  Johnny likes pizza.  I like talking to people.  Johnny likes to cook pizzas for folks.  See how this works?

You know what?  We gotta try.  Life’s too short.  Come see us.  Have some pizza.  Drink an icy cold beer and remind yourself that sometimes it really is the simple pleasures in life.

A hot cheesy slice of pizza, a cold beer and some friends.  What’s better?

* Don’t get me wrong, that will totally be an unfortunate turn of events.  Back to stripping I go.

9 thoughts on “A slice of my (new) life.

  1. Congrats!!! I am a sucker for good pizza. An even bigger sucker for beer, so I'm sure on my adventures through your fair city we'll have to make a stop sometime.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So excited for you!!! Wish I lived closer; I would be a regular customer!!!!!!N

  3. Anonymous says:

    Best of Luck, GirlCor: not an easy business, but you sho' nuff will eat well!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cannot wait to get over there … good luck to you guys!!!

  5. Julia says:

    That sounds sooo yummy right now! I wish you all were closer, or the next time we are in the area – we are coming to eat!

  6. Wishing you HUGE success or at least solvency! I suggest free WiFi if at all possible.Oh and if you want my salad dressing recipe its on my blog. Nancy's kids call it Heather's Dressing and love it. My youngest wants me to bottle & sell it, but that's cuz he's currently a hit selling homemade Rice Krispy Treats to his fellow 4th graders for a tidy profit. 😉

  7. Krista says:

    You can't go wrong with pizza in a college town, just saying…Good luck! I can't wait to taste it, it looks very yummy in the picture, and i am starving right now. BTW, thanks for saying "mentally challenged." I have taught you well….Love ya!

  8. Shannon says:

    Be there soon so drink/eat your profits!

  9. Clueless says:

    If I'm ever in the neighborhood, I will certainly stop in!Of course, that would require I know what its called, where it is and all that :-)Miss ya Jen!

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