Day 19: Funny

My Mother’s Mantra
This coaster was sent to me this weekend by my Mom in a little St. Patty’s day package.  Of course, I found it hilarious but if you know my Mother, you know how absolutely perfect it truly is.  My Mom is not what you would call emotional.   I obviously get my flair for the dramatic from my Father because my Mom is nothing if not matter of fact.  My favorite quote is that if you’re looking for sympathy, you should look in the dictionary between shit and syphilis because you’re not getting any from her.
It’s good practical advice really.  Few problems cannot be solved over a icy glass of vodka and a healthy dose of get over it.

One thought on “Day 19: Funny

  1. Ha! Love it! Great minds think alike! Read my St. Patty's day blog as I hold in ALL that same sentiment!

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