Day 15: Car

Good grief.  “Car”?  What kind of subject is that?  Had I had a little more time today I may have gotten more creative with this photo but as it was today was my Father in Law’s funeral so I didn’t really have a good opportunity to take a snapshot of a car and then I couldn’t decide if a hearse qualified as a car or not and if so, would it be really tacky to take a picture of it?  Bygones.

Anyway.  This is a picture taken from INSIDE a car, does that count?  You can see that I rolled the window halfway down to take the shot.  That’s my friend Schell barfing in some bushes outside The Majestic diner in Atlanta.  She has this terrible affliction with her esophagus and whatnot and sometimes she eats too fast and things get stuck and it’s not funny at all but I seem to remember that this may have been the possible result of too much red wine the night before coupled with greasy runny eggs the next morning.  And possibly some of her esophagus problems but the bottom line was that the other three of us could not stop laughing when she jumped from the vehicle and ran into the bushes in broad daylight.  Did I mention she was driving?

2 thoughts on “Day 15: Car

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am keeping your family in my prayers … and, anyone who knows you, knows that a hearse would be completely APPROPRIATE!!! My condolences to Johnny … Betsey

  2. The photo counts. The story counts a MILLION!!

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