Day 12: Fork

A nice thing about where I live are all of the greenways, bike trails and hiking paths.  When Mr. Cooper and I set out in the morning we have many options from which to choose.  Wooded trails, pedestrian paths or river walks.  It’s lovely.  This fork above is probably our most often traveled route.  It snakes along a creek bed and you can’t really see any cars or civilization and that’s what we enjoy the most. It really feels like you’re walking in the woods.  I used to take my iPod on these daily jaunts but lately I’ve just been listening to the world around me.  The birds and the babbling stream are their own kind of music, I suppose.

I took this picture this afternoon.  It was nice to be outside in the stillness.  The tranquility lasted approximately five minutes after this photo was taken when Mr. Cooper took it upon himself to dive headfirst into the icy creek and then proceed to lay down.  Now I have a filthy dog who also happens to smell like ass.

One thought on “Day 12: Fork

  1. Hahah! Must be Mr. Cooper's way of saying he'd "like a warm bath with soap, please."

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