Day 9: Red

My totally awesome bike
Ah, where to start?  I purchased this bike in the fall of 2007, right on the heels of my Father’s death when clear thoughts were scarce.  I was going through bouts of grief mixed with relief and desperately needed to escape.  Now, we all know what happens when I run to a bottle of whiskey and a pack of Marlboro lights – no good comes from that – this seemed like a much healthier option. 
Cycling.   That fall I completed the MS Jack and Back ride to Lynchburg with my dear friend Barbara and her terribly inappropriate fart machine.  I was hooked.
Since then I’ve ridden many miles for multiple charities and I’ve joined an all women’s bike club. I ride as often as I can and have met some really fantastic folks. There’s something liberating about just jumping on  a bike and going wherever your legs take you.

You see so much more on a bike than behind the wheel of a car.  I love riding on the trails that surround the city and even downtown on the square.  Long distance rides in the country are my favorite, pedaling past fields, rivers and cows.  No iPod, cellphone or laptop…just a girl on a bike.  It’s odd, really, it’s as “unconnected” as you can get, yet I’ve never felt so in sync with my surroundings as when I’m riding.  It’s as close as Jen gets to Zen and I absolutely love it.

2 thoughts on “Day 9: Red

  1. HeatherL says:

    I'm saving up for an awesome bike so your red one is an inspiration. Of course, I really want an purple…no. An orange bike, brilliant like a sunset, like flames! I'm not sure if I'd commit to doing any bike rides for charity just yet – I am way out of shape and would be embarrassed at the pitiful mileage I would make.Your March photos look pretty good so far! (I stumbled over from fatmumslim)

  2. I also love riding my bike around – I find it helps clear my head. Great photo!

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