Day 7: Something you wore

I’ve always loved cowboy boots.  Even back in my Hollywood days I was often mocked for wearing cowboy boots with almost every outfit.  No flip flops or fancy sandals for me.  Ripped jeans, mid-riff baring top and cowboy boots.  I won’t get into the crimped bleach blonde hair or the blood red lipstick.  Hey, it was the early 90’s, if Kelly Bundy could do it, so could I.
The above boots are my favorites.  The toes are pointy and worn and they’ve been resoled a time or two.  I got married in these boots.  These boots have been oceanside, and kicked up the salty sand.  These boots have danced and stomped. They’ve been curled around many a bar stool.  They’ve been propped up next to a campfire.  Oh, if they could talk.
When I put these boots on I feel like myself.  I see myself in their reflection.  A little wrinkly and a little leathery, but mostly just comfortable and well traveled.

One thought on “Day 7: Something you wore

  1. Diaz Designs says:

    'love them… and your story to go along… who was the guy that wrote the "banana republic" descriptions (j peterman on seinfeld?)… you could do that!

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