Day 6: 5pm

How very original.  
Okay, let me apologize for the lack of creativity here.  I totally meant to order some sort of fabulous drink ending in “tini” but it just didn’t happen.  Tonight I met with my fabulous book club that for whatever reason still lets me attend (winning!) and we met at a local restaurant for happy hour and dinner and the house cabernet is what I ended up going with.  Wine always tastes better when it’s half price, I say.
It was a lovely night with even lovelier ladies and a waiter that would have found himself making me breakfast tomorrow had it been back in the day.
Hey y’all, I put the ‘ew’ in “cougar”!

5pm may say “quittin’ time” to most but to me it says come on over and sit a spell…and let me take that wine off your hands.  Or vodka.  Or that cheap six pack of Miller High Life.

I’m nothing if not flexible.

4 thoughts on “Day 6: 5pm

  1. Oh yes, young waiters do bring out the Cougar. I've even gave a character the name of a waiter cuz I thought is was so cool and another the "look" of once, cuz he just fit the Cub ideal!

  2. HeatherL says:

    Love this! I did my 5pm on a very similar – alright, exact – subject!

  3. Clueless says:

    Haha! When I read that your next picture was titled "5pm" I knew it would involve alcohol. I miss you too, btw!!!

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