March (photo) Madness!

Since (once again) I clearly fail as a blogger with any consistency, I have decided to try the March photo challenge started by Fat Mum Slim, a fabulous Australian blogger.

I got a camera for my birthday and have been dying for some more photo ops, so why not?
The challenge is that you post a photo a day of your interpretation of her word of the day.  It’ll give me a daily post and it’ll give you yet entirely way too much insight and clarity into my Corrupted world.

I have 5 days of catching up to do, first.

Day 1:  “up”

This is the ceiling fan in our guestroom my office.  It’s huge and Casablanca-y.  It fits none of the decor of the rest of our home and I love it.

Day 2:  “fruit”

These are two Bartlett pears that I purchased yesterday from the uber-organic hipster market in our neighborhood.  They were $17.62.

Day 3:  “your neighborhood”

Okay, I apologize.  It’s after 9pm as I attempt this and the ONLY photo I’ve managed to take of our street since we moved here was after the big snow in 2010.  See those two awesome trees on the left of the road?   That’s our front yard and they’re Redwoods, the only in our area.  Way cool.  Except in the event of major tornado-y storms like last week where I fear they’ll collapse and rip through the middle of our home and separate it into two entities.  But mostly way cool.

Day 4:  “bedside”

That’s my nightstand in a totally shitty shot.  Johnny and I purchased matching lamps at a trip to Ikea when I first moved to the mountains.  The framed picture is of me, my Granny and my Mom, Christmas circa 2003.  You can’t really tell, but we’re all wearing reindeer antlers.  It’s pretty much made of awesome.  The books?  “Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close”, “Love is a Mix Tape” and “Cannery Row”.  I like to mix it up at night.

Day 5:  “smile”

This is a shelf in our bathroom.  I decided to redecorate and surprise Johnny.  He loves typography and fonts so I thought I’d go with that theme.  I went to a kitschy little shop and found a basket of these mismatched letters.  I tried desperately to spell “POOP”, “WASH” or “GRUNT”, but to no avail.  
Oh, whatever,  I finally gave up and ended up with “smile”.

So, now that brings us up to date.  Starting tomorrow, March 6th, I’ll be in tune with the rest of the gang.  Tune in daily to see what bullshit I’ll try to sell as interesting!  Well, I’m going to try anyway and I promise not to phone it in like the photos above.   My artistic license was somewhat limited due to the fact that I decided to take this challenge ten minutes ago.

Tomorrow’s word?  “5pm”. 

Thankfully, an easy one.

One thought on “March (photo) Madness!

  1. I LOVE that ceiling fan! I thought it was a great shot of an interesting flower and was amazed it was a fan!I look forward to the next 30 days! Of course, now I want to decorate my bathroom with the word "Grunt!"Cuz I have 3 boys! And even more Men!

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