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So these past weeks have been a whirlwind of activity.  If we get any more irons in the fire we’re gonna have to build a bigger fire.  My Father in Law is still in the hospital and we’ve nicknamed him the Yo-Yo man for his up and down daily status updates.  It’s not much fun and my poor Mother in Law is really taking the brunt of all of the stress and worry.  The future is uncertain so the “one day at a time” adage is our current mantra.

Went up to Michigan last weekend to visit my 105 year old Granny, who still looks fabulous and is sharp as a tack.  We took her out to lunch, had a nice visit and even watched the Superbowl together.  On closed captioned tv, of course.

Look at her.  Jack Daniel’s in one hand, hanky in the other.  That’s how we roll.

“Yes, I was 5 years old when the Titanic sank.  What of it”?

I love her dearly and cherish every visit.  I keep telling myself this could be the last time I see her, but luckily, I’ve never been right.


Johnny and I are looking into starting our own business and I am excited and terrified, simultaneously.  We’re both tired of working for the man but yet this volatile economic climate seems a dicey time to be making such a bold move.  Our financial situation is less than stellar so there’s a lot of floor pacing going on in the Corrupted household. If we do in fact go forward then I need to turn in my notice at my current job and that little detail is giving me sleepless nights and loose bowels.  It’s not that I want to stay there permanently, but they’ve been such wonderful folks to work for that I hate to disappoint them.


Mr. Cooper has done something to his front left leg and cannot seem to put any pressure on it.  Mind you, he is a 75 lb dog so when he galumps down the hallway, you can’t help but hear/feel it.  Poor guy.  He is not in any pain however and is smiley, hungry and playful so we’re just trying to wait it out and hope that it works itself out.  $200 for an x-ray to tell me it’s just a sprain is NOT in our budget.  I have been sleeping in the guest room with him though as I don’t want him navigating the stairs with a bum leg.  The best part of this is that Johnny didn’t so much as raise an eyebrow when I informed him I’d be sleeping with the dog.  I doubt there’d be much surprise if I informed him that I’d be giving the dog a kidney, if the need arose.


On a brighter note I celebrated my 44th year on Tuesday.  Woot!  We went out for Thai food and I had a super spicy yellow curry. Johnny gave me some lovely gifts and we came home to enjoy chocolate cake, whiskey shots and we may have even listened to some John Denver.   A perfect birthday.


At Kroger the other evening I noticed a somewhat disheveled man in a suit shuffling down the aisle.  Literally shuffling.  I didn’t really pay much mind but encountered him again in the produce section.  As I looked him up and down I noticed he was missing a foot.  I shit you not.  He had one completely normal foot (well, I assume it was normal it was in a regular shoe) and then he had what appeared to be like a little feed bag strapped to the bottom of his other leg.  Nothing protruding from the leg.  Shuffle shuffle.

He wasn’t scary or unpleasant but there was something unsettling about his deliberate shuffle.  My imagination works overtime in these situations so instead of immediately feeling compassion or sympathy, I got all freaked out and went to the other end of the store to complete my shopping.   About twenty minutes later I was loading my groceries into the back of my Jeep when I heard it.  “Shuffle shuffle shuffle”.  I looked up and there he was in the parking lot.  Fuck.


Anderson, I love you, I do, but your MOTHER does not count as a “guest” on your show.  Maybe the first time, but certainly not every week.  Your programming folks are kind of phoning that shit in, don’t you think?  LET’S ALL TRY HARDER, shall we?

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! Hope Mr Cooper heals quickly.Let us know about the venture so we can all support you! Sappy… but its all I got today.:)

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