It’s getting better all the time.

So, as I posted below, this last week has been somewhat of a transition for me.
I’m on a health kick/lifestyle change (yawn…again)  and it has kind of sucked been a challenge.  I’ve been tracking calories, exercising daily and snacking on all things raw.  No booze.  No nightly sundaes as big as my head.  No eating breakfast and then going back to bed.  No sir.

Just when I thought that my week was going to end with my chewing off my left foot, I turned a corner.  Friday finally rolled around and I felt…different.  I felt more energized and well rested.  My head felt clear and focused.  My body had seemingly found it’s groove.  

Yesterday Johnny and I drove up to the mountains and took a little hike up to a waterfall.  It was brisk but it felt great.  It started to rain and while we may have wavered for a moment, we both decided to keep going and it was well worth it.
The mountain air was refreshing and although we were soaked and my hair looked like an old yarn mop, we both really enjoyed ourselves.  We ended our day with a home cooked dinner, football and a cozy fire.  I headed to bed early with my book.  I joked with Johnny, “geez, we’re like an old married couple”!  He laughed and then reminded me that we are, in fact, an old married couple.

Today has been more of the same.  Early morning coffee.  A long walk with the dog.  A crock pot full of homemade chicken tortilla soup.  Another quiet evening as we gear up for the work week ahead.  We both joked on Friday at how we were going to “rock” this weekend and you know what?  In our own little way, we totally did.

I apologize for the sap, I really do.  I imagine I’ll go back to being the surly girlie you all know and love tolerate soon enough.  For now though I’m enjoying the quiet comfort of simplicity.  Good healthy food.  Being outside.  A warm bed, and most of all, a clear head.

One thought on “It’s getting better all the time.

  1. Yay!! Glad you turned your corner 🙂 I always fall off the diet wagon on the weekends. Partly cuz I don't hit the gym & I'm home snacking or out eating the wrong foods. sucks.But it completely helps to have a partner in your efforts.. give Johnny the big "Thumbs Up" for me!

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