Okay, so I’m on day 4 now of the new diet/lifestyle augmentation.  It’s going okay.  And by okay I mean it’s fine that I’m constantly .03 seconds away of punching everyone in the throat.  I’m finally getting into a sleeping pattern, which is good.  The first few nights I just tossed and turned.  I didn’t realize I relied so much on my nightly cocktails as sleep inducers.  Bad girl.  Anyway, that part has seemed to remedy itself and I’m eating all sorts of good healthy natural foods.  I’m snacking on almonds and making smoothies.  I’m hitting the treadmill every day and have checked into a new fitness group here in town.  I’m committed.  Thing is, I feel like I need to BE committed.

It’s notsomuch a bad mood as it is moody.  I have the desire to not really be around anyone. I don’t really want to chat.  I’ll pause while you get back up.  Seriously though, I’m sure it’s some sort of depression or other douchey symptom of this dramatic revision but I just really want to be left alone.  I want to read and sleep and walk my dog.  I want to cook and flip through magazines.  I want to listen to music.  I am not my bubbly and exuberant self. 

My emotions are running a little close to the surface and there’s no better example of that then this morning when a fitted sheet almost reduced me to tears.  Not kidding.  There also *may* have been an incident with a Campbell’s “Soup at Hand” cup that involved my calling it a motherfucker and throwing it across the kitchen because I couldn’t remove its rubber cap in order to heat it up.  Ironically, I had tried stabbing at the cap with a knife and unbeknownst to me, actually had indeed punctured through to the foil so when I spiked the cup into my cupboards, cold soup splattered everywhere.

What flavor you ask?  Tomato, naturally.  It looked like Rachel Ray had Norman Bates as a guest in my kitchen.  Ugh.

I went through a period like this when I quit smoking.  I know it won’t last forever and I’ll come out the other side a healthier happier person.  If you change nothing, nothing will change, right?

On the upside of things all these vitamins and smoothies and whole grains are really helping out the Corrupted gal’s colon.  Turns out a daily diet of jalapenos and vodka aren’t really the way to go.  See, it truly is the simple things, isn’t it?

Why is it when everything is irregular I suddenly become…regular?  Figures.

3 thoughts on “HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF

  1. Mood swings may not be JUST the new diet/withdrawal/austerity binge. My FIRST symptom into the 10 year journey of Menopause was experiencing PMS for the first time. My children call this time, "the scary mommy" years. Having never experienced it, it took 3 months before I put the connection together that it was PMS. Several days of moody combined with absolutely no filter.. you know.. like being drunk without the FUN part!!Just saying Girl… maybe its not JUST the diet. Best part of menopause though was the increased libido from feeling my testosterone 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing! This is exactly how my menopause started!! Anyway, congrats on the healthy lifestyle! It'll become second nature eventually – or not. Red wine is GOOD for you but have you ever seen a proper serving – it's like one sip for me!

  3. Jen, I can never get those lids off either…….and no wonder I haven't heard from you!

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