Stars and stripes forever. Not kidding.

As The Doors song says, “people are strange”.  Usually I find them delightfully so.
Sometimes I find them infuriatingly so.  This last week a few crossed my path so I’ll share.

We had a problem with our bathroom sink that seemed a bit over Johnny’s head so I called a plumber.  He was a big hulking man with a genuine smile and a firm handshake.  I liked him immediately.  We got to know quite a bit about each other as he spent about 3 hours fixing said sink.  He was a talker and y’all know what a chatterbox I am.  We were discussing raising children and how today’s world seems infinitely more complicated than when we were being brought up.  Cell phones, Facebook and “Glee”, oh my!

He mentioned that he was raising his three children with traditional values and I shook my head in approval.

Me:  I think that’s great – not enough parents are doing that!
Plumber:  I know.  We say the Pledge of Allegiance every single morning.
Me:  *bemused*  Oh, like before breakfast or something?
Plumber:  When we are standing at the flag pole.
Me:  *blink*
Plumber:  When I get them up every morning we go outside and raise our flag in our front yard.  Then we say the Pledge.  Every night we go out and lower the flag and fold it accordingly and bring it back in the house.

Me:  You must be a total gas on the fourth of July.

Because seriously?  I appreciate his level of patriotism, but what got me tickled is the thought of 3 sleepy children being drug out of bed to stand in a wet dewy yard every morning.  Can you imagine when they’re teenagers?  Because nothing is cooler than standing out in your front yard before school saying the Pledge of Alliegience around the family flag pole.  GOOD TIMES.

Then again, maybe they’ll grow up like those creepy Walton kids and race each other out the door in all-American delight to see who can hoist it first.  I’m not sure which is worse.

Tune in tomorrow for more strange strangers!

3 thoughts on “Stars and stripes forever. Not kidding.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oddly weird and kinda sweet at the same time.

  2. Gack!! Does he live in a "Compound"!!

  3. Do his kids dress like the Waltons…..?

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