Gore and More!

I have always loved Halloween.  Back in my Hollywood days we’d go all out and hit West Hollywood where it’s practically a Gay National Holiday.  Costumes, parades, and bars packed with costumed folks tripping the light fandango. I adore all the gross disturbing and theatrical fun things that go along with Halloween. Gross food.  Horror movies.  Fake tombstones and huge cottony cobwebs.

Johnny doesn’t get it.  Halloween is for kids, says he.  Wrong.

Me:  How can you not love Halloween?
Johnny:  Because I’m an adult.
Me:  C’mon.  You get to put on a silly outfit and run around and eat candy and pull pranks on folks and act like you’re ten years old!
Johnny:  You mean like you do…every night?

I’m not sure I know what he means.  Bygones!  Anyway, this year I kicked off the holiday season in style with a run for charity….with zombies!  Me and my two faithful undead companions ran around Nashville zombie-fied chasing actual real runners and all in the good name of charity.  I was delighted to see how many folks really took the cause to heart.  Check out this guy.

The super cool thing was that the teeth on the outside of his face moved when he spoke.  Creepy?  Very.  Awesome?  MUCH.

And this guy.  To his credit he never spoke to me when I approached him for a picture.  Staying in character he just grunted and groaned.  Excellent.

After a delightful afternoon of chasing the living I attended a Halloween party hosted by some of my dearest pals.  Thanks to some dude dressed like a coach I ended up doing jager shots and found myself dancing with Gloria Gaynor, because he had it written on a clipboard and it was his “game plan”.  All in a day’s work, folks.

The next day led to more Halloween shenanigans.  We went trick or treating with the girls and saw some fantastic costumes.   This mini-Michael Myers did not appear to give a shit, so of course I totally loved him.  Seriously, the kid was as delightfully blank and nonplussed by the whole thing as the real Michael Myers.

I don’t need no stinkin’ candy bag.

I made appetizers for the gang.  Gross dirty band-aids, anyone?  AWESOMENESS.

All in all it was a great holiday.  Johnny said he might even be on board next year for some good natured Halloween inspired festivities.   I think he may have turned a corner this year when he saw how much fun everyone else was having.

So, BOO TO YOU, Girl, Corrupted readers!   Happy Halloween!

One thought on “Gore and More!

  1. Ohhh I once got to see the Santa Monica Blvd Halloween parade from a rooftop party hosted by Seagrams. Don't know which was more fun, the free vodka, the dancing or watching the spectacle of all the costumes! The funniest was it didn't matter if you were straight… THAT night, if you were there and male.. you were gay and we loved it!

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