Hey guys.

This corrupted girl has been way busy the last few weeks.  I once again apologize for my lack of posting the inane drivel you’ve come to expect when you visit.

Here’s things in a nutshell.

Working a 3 week temp job doing data entry.  This in itself is enough to make me want to take my own life but it gets better.  My partner is a 24 year old virgin.  Preacher’s kid.  Prays at work kind of thing.  Y’all know I love the baby Jesus, my gripe doesn’t fall with her religious views, it falls into the I don’t have shit to talk about with this person category.

She’s never smoked a cigarette or tried booze.  She’s never ridden a motorcycle.
She’s never skinny dipped.  She’s never said the F-word.  Now, it’s not that she’s never done these things that irritates me, it’s that she doesn’t want to.

Clearly I’m a bad person.  Each day I’m around her I want to get her blind drunk, make her snort a line of blow and take her to a donkey show in Tijuana.  What’s more, is I feel like I owe it to her.  How’s that for a screwed up sense of entitlement.  Who am I, Denis Leary?

Moving on.

Speaking of Denis Leary, his phenomenal series, “Rescue Me” is coming to an end this Wednesday.  If you read this blog than you know how much reverence and admiration I have for Denis Leary and this show.  Firefighters are close to my heart and with the ten year anniversary of September 11th, I feel like it’s a fitting tribute to a gripping, smart and somewhat painful run.  Tommy Gavin is Irish, angry and has a severe drinking problem.  How could I not love him?  He’s flawed beyond belief and his own worst enemy.  Yeah, I don’t know anyone like that.

An everyday typical brilliant scene.  How I will miss this show.

Rest in peace, Truck 62.

One more fucking thing.

The other day I was at this Target that I hardly ever go to and as I was turning a corner I ran smack dab into this lady who was overweight and looked haggard.  She had her hair slicked back in a ponytail but her dark roots were at least an inch long, maybe more.  She looked tired.  Her complexion was awful and her shirt was gaping between the buttons because it was too small.

At the exact same time I said “excuse me” the mortifying realization hit me.  I had just run into a mirror.  It was my OWN REFLECTION, folks.  I look sallow and exhausted and overweight.  Yet again.

So, this corrupted gal is about to embark on yet another attempt at healthy eating, steady exercise and limited booze intake.  Some would call this a lifestyle.  Me?  I call it “hell on earth” but clearly, I have to do something.

And as usual, I’ll bring y’all with me.  

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  1. And she's back!I am sorry about your show. I thought of you when I saw the announcement.

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