If I could be rendered speechless, this would have done it.

Last night Johnny and me and 50,000 other friends descended upon Nashville to witness what proved to be a magical evening.  We went to see U2 on the final leg of their 360 Tour.   Look at that damn thing.  The “Claw” is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The stage design features a large four-legged steel structure that holds the speaker system and cylindrical video screen and hovers above the performance area. The stage is surrounded by a circular ramp, which connects to the stage by means of rotating bridges.  It stands 164 feet in height.

It is, short of a better adjective, absolutely amazing.  Say what you want about U2, they are the biggest band in the world and deservedly so, in my opinion.  Their 30 year career  has had its ups and downs but they are still one of the tightest, musically talented bands in existence.  Can Bono be a majestic douche?  Sure.  My favorite quote of the night was “U2 is in town!  I can see Bono’s ego from my porch”!  Hilarious.  He’s an easy target but all in all Bono is gifted, genuine, and has a big heart.  Check out this video from last night.  A blind fan asks to play with the band at the end of the show.  Not only does Bono indulge, he lets this lucky fella keep the guitar.  He makes no mention of the mans blindness, either.
We only found out later that he was visually impaired via the media.

What good sports.  Larry gets back on the drums and they give this guy the night of his life.  “You say… you’ll give me… eyes in a world of blindness” is a line in the song.  The gentleman wanted to play that song for his wife.  I hope she was wearing waterproof mascara.  
Another favorite moment – Commander Mark Kelly says hello and has a message for his wife, Congresswoman Gabby Giffords (shot in the head in January in an assasination attempt) while giving a nod to Bowie’s “Space Oddity”.  I had tears streaming down my face.  It indeed was a Beautiful Day.

Their set list was a fantastic hodgepodge and I never once sat down.  We sang along, we danced, we hugged, we high-fived and for one night, we were all One.
On their second encore they launched in to “With or Without You” and Johnny reached over and grasped my hand.  Is it possible to laugh and cry at the same time?  You bet and I did.
All in all it was a spectacular show.  They were humble.  They were funny.  They were engaging.  More than that, they were absolutely incredible.  It was hotter than hell and we were packed in elbow to asshole but the moment the first note emanated from The Claw, we were part of something bigger than just a concert.
Epic night.

3 thoughts on “If I could be rendered speechless, this would have done it.

  1. Wowza! Look at that STAGE! I'm so envious! It sounded like it was the ultimate Date Night!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey jenny– we have mutual friends in nashville (michelle/daisy/martha). wondering if you would like to have lunch/drinks? give me an email eleanorrigby@comcast.net. teri

  3. Clueless says:

    I SO wanted to be there. I can't believe you said they played w/ or w/o you. Egghh. My mom wouldn't let me play that song (on tape no less) anymore in the house because I listened to it OVER and OVER again. Back in the day of REWIND! I knew exactly how many seconds it took to get back to the begining of the song!Totally on my bucket list. Bono and his ego better not make your death watch list before then….Glad you had a good time!

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