She works hard for the money.

The other day.

Customer:  I’ll have a turkey and avocado sandwich with fries instead of chips.
Me:  Sure!  What can I get you to drink?
Customer:  Ice tea.
Me:  Great – your total is $10.62.  Out of $20?  Here’s your change.
Customer:  Thanks!
Me:  Oh, here’s a number for your table.  Make sure you put it up on the stand!
Customer:  Why?
Me:  Because that’s how they’ll find your table with your food!  Plus, if you don’t I’ll get in trouble.  *wink*
Customer:  Um?
Me:  Well, one could argue that a 43 year old working a cash register may indeed already be in trouble.  Ha!  Get it?  I crack myself up.
Customer:  *crickets*

So this last week has totally kicked my butt.  I almost collapse every night upon returning home.  I come home stinking of cheese, capers and sour cream.  I’m busting my behind daily…working upwards of 11 hour shifts and hardly ever stopping but to sip a quick drink or use the bathroom.  On Wednesday I worked a 10.5 hour shift and never even sat down to use the bathroom.  Why, you ask?
because I didn’t have time to pee.  Seriously.  I wash my hands until they’re raw.  I feel my mascara start its downward avalanche every morning around 11am when the ovens get cranking before our lunch rush.

Friday was kick-ass in that Stella (me) finally found her groove.  I worked a completely crazy Friday lunch shift and it was amazing how fast it went by.
Everything just clicked for me.  I sashayed through a packed dining room with upwards of five plates balancing on two sturdy arms.  I gave balloons to children.  If you know me in real life you know that I dislike balloons even more than I dislike children so this was a real feat.  I kept my staff moving and in check.
I gave directions, made recommendations and was a temporary member of the Chamber of Commerce on more than one occasion.  I am an ambassador, yo.

The GM of my shop even commented on my agility and ability.  Huzzah!
At the very worst point of my day when the kitchen was slammed, orders were wrong and customers were getting fussy, one of my cooks came thru the rail with a mop and mop bucket to clean up a disaster out front.  ” Look out, this is going to be a tight squeeze”, he bellowed as he parted the dining room traffic like Moses.

I glanced over at my stressed out co-workers and offered, “that’s what she said”!

After we quit giggling, we all knew we’d make it.  For God’s sakes, it’s not a hospital, it’s just a fairly busy cafe in a little town in East TN.  No one is going to die if their order comes out wrong, but trust me, they’ll act like it.

It’s a big jump from the Legal Dept. in the field of Emergency Notification Software, I’ll give you that.  But isn’t that what life is all about?  Change.  Moving forward.  Learning.  Trying new things.  Plus, at my old job they didn’t really embrace my “that’s what she said” jokes.

At least I’ve found my audience.

3 thoughts on “She works hard for the money.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good for you, Jenny! I am happy for ya! You crack me up … and I laughed when reading your post too!!! Love ya! Betsey

  2. kkerin says:

    You are one of my favorite bloggers! You crack me up, too! You make me want to work at a cafe in a little town in East TN.

  3. Jenny says:

    Girl you know Kville yuppies and dinks are too serious to get our senses of humor! It's them! It's them! You keep being you and loosen them up! Love ya, Jenny B.

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