The Heart of the Home

Okay, since I’ve been slacking hard lately I’m going to try to round out the rest of this month by posting daily as I said initially said I would.  Going back to the “things I love” idea makes this easier.  I should have stuck with that to begin with but my empty head is constantly filled with fluttery moths and dusty cobwebs and I tend to write about whatever tangent said moth lands upon.

Things I love.  My (our) kitchen.  I love love love kitchens.  Have you ever noticed that in any party or gathering, the social hub of such always becomes the kitchen, usually by accident.  There’s something about a kitchen that’s primal and of course, nourishing.  I love to cook.  I always have although in my single days I found it frustrating to have leftovers for an entire week after making spinach lasagna, chicken enchiladas or a big crock pot of chili.  I love growing spices and picking warm tomatoes off the vine.  I peruse recipes and cookbooks like they’re porn.  We received a Cuisinart for a wedding present and it brought me to tears. I love to cook.

So, when we got married and moved into Johnny’s (dilapidated farmhouse) home, I was crestfallen.

This… is a kitchen?

Brown walls and black cupboards.  A washer and dryer in the middle of everything.  Rotten shelves and dirty cobwebbed windows.  A really gross stove.
It matters not how/why things were like this and I’m certainly not pointing any fingers.  It was an old farmhouse that was to be eventually restored, you see.  I’m a gal that know exactly what happens when you stop caring.  So.  Let’s move on to this.  Our new kitchen!
Yes, it’s the same island.  Amazing what a coat of paint can do.
Oh glory days!  Light!  And clean countertops!  And LOOK AT THAT STOVE!
Here’s another view.
Sunlight and sunflowers and a lava lamp and clear windows, oh my!  Fresh fruit and healthy plants and new life and new love in this new place.  Can you imagine the difference this has made in my life?  I’m a cooking fool (johnny says I’m half right) nightly and I adore this wonderful warm welcoming kitchen.  We’ve spent many a night as a family and as a couple preparing lots of yummy meals.  Tacos, lasagna, burgers, salads and gourmet cheese and fruit plates.  Steaks and crab-legs and so much more.  NOMNOMNOM.
It’s truly the heart of the home.   And this kitchen has a permanent home in my heart.

5 thoughts on “The Heart of the Home

  1. Anonymous says:

    Aww Jen…you're so domesticated now!!! Love it! N

  2. I would marry my KitchenAid mixer if I could. So I totally get the kitchen love.

  3. cassie says:

    At least your first kitchen made you FULLY appreciate the second one. I like your island a lot too!

  4. Anonymous says:

    LOVE IT!!! I love the island too … your kitchen definitely is inviting! Godd for you, Jen-O!! Betsey

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good for you … I mean …Betsey

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