No Speedy Gonzales, here.

This, folks, is our friendly neighborhood taco truck.  Or as we used to call them in Los Angeles, our local “roach coach”.  Last nights’ dinner came from this place.  It’s a rolling portable taqueria!   The guy that operates this thing is a one man show, lemme tell ya.  His name is Arturo and he’s hilarious, kind and completely engaging.  He’s also in no hurry whatsoever, if you know what I mean.

This taco truck had been making appearances all over our fair city and word on the street was it was good stuff.  Johnny and I found that this traveling delicacy was going to be parked in our jurisdiction last night and we took full advantage of said fact.

Arturo was pleased to see us, and that’s an understatement.   This gentleman speaks english, but I wouldn’t say it’s completely understandable, and he’s well aware.  He’s animated in his conversations so that helps.  We ordered a tamale, a chicken taco and two burritos and while we were waiting, Arturo offered us each a plate containing what looked to be a taco, but contained what I like to call God Knows What.

Johnny and I looked at each other and back at Arturo.  “What’s this?”, I offered.
“A promotion”!  Arturo laughed.  He then said, “no Taco Bell, senorita”!
I had to agree.  The only Chihuahua around was clearly inside of this tortilla, but damn, it was yummy.  It was pork (?) I think and some sort of bean sauce, topped with fresh onion and cilantro on what was clearly a homemade tortilla.

It’s clear that not only does Arturo loves what he does, he’s also very talented.  He certainly enjoyed our company although I’d say we were just as smitten with him.  He’s a man that loves people, and undeniably enjoys cooking for them as well.  What a gift to have that passion and be able to enjoy it daily.  I’m a little bit jealous.

Authentic as it comes, I’d say.  He’s such a sweet and genuine man.  He also is very proud of his food, and he should be.  He has a serve yourself salsa bar that’s impressive.  Habanero, Jalapeno, green chile and rojo sauces, just to name a few.

So, there we stood, next to the taco truck, under the twinkling Christmas lights, eating tamales and shredded chicken tacos adorned with fresh cilantro.  A chatty hispanic man with missing teeth regaled us with stories as we waited for our  burritos and even though it was certain that he may have missed a few dentist appointments in his time, his was the most genuine and sincere smile I’ve ever seen.

One thought on “No Speedy Gonzales, here.

  1. In L.A. these days Roach Coaches have been replaced with Trendy, specialty Coaches who tweet where they're going to be at a given hour and out flock the office buyers. From Cupcakes to Gourmet lunches.. the internet has turned food trucks into big business here. H

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