Man at Work

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Alright, for lack of subject matter I am falling back onto my initial idea of posting about things that I love.
I heart Colin Hay.  Yes, that Colin Hay.  The singer from Men at Work, which incidentally was my very first concert and but he is also a wonderfully talented songwriter and performer.
You’ve seen him on Scrubs. He is brilliant and I’m certainly a lifetime fan.  I saw him a few years ago at an Australian Festival and he was phenomenal.  He’s coming to my city in March and I’ve already secured tickets.  I suggest you do the same if he comes within a 500 mile distance of your whereabouts.  He’s worth it.
Mr. Hay comes from a time when entertainment didn’t mean crazy outfits and pyrotechnics.  He strums a guitar and sings.  Oh, and he sings songs that he actually wrote.  He’s genuine, sincere and such a veritable talent.  He’s engaging, funny, and worth whatever penny you have to spend to be in the same room with him.  
Do it.  And buy his new album, Gathering Mercury on March 29th.  If not before.

2 thoughts on “Man at Work

  1. Marty says:

    Nice work – you won't be disappointed in the new album.

  2. Ooo I LIKE that song! In the interest of sharing, Jen.. I think this song by Frank Turner will really appeal to you. Its one of my life theme songs!'s just a guy with a guitar who writes all his own music, also.-Heather

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