Where’s the beef?

Someone didn’t care for his veggie burger.  Subtle, huh?

Last week I tuned in to Oprah to find that she and her entire staff had gone vegan for one entire week.   Well, 77 people dropped out but all in all, the experiment was a tremendous success.  Over 400 pounds in total were lost and everyone reported healthier and more frequent bowel movements.  Hurrah!  More pooping!
The vegetarian menu for me is more health based than it is part of my moral compass.  Of course I don’t enjoy watching a video filmed in a slaughterhouse,
who would?  At the same time however I believe that eating meat is a very natural human characteristic.  In the past few years I’ve heightened my awareness of organic meats and where our food actually comes from.  It has opened my eyes, you could say.  It seems incredibly ignorant to me that I’ve lived most of my life with no knowledge of what I’m actually putting into my body.  (that’s what she said!)  Sorry.
Seriously though, how did I blindly trust fast food corporations without question?
How was I that naive?   What’s next?  Am I going to start watching Fox News?
God help me.  I knew fast food wasn’t terrific from a caloric perspective, but the bigger picture completely eluded me.
I often opt for a vegetarian selection in my daily meals.  As some of you may remember, Rocketman was a vegetarian so whist dating him I quickly took a crash course on all things veggie.  I approached Johnny with trepidation about going meatless for one week.  My beloved LOVES steak. And pork.  Don’t even get me started on his frightening obsession with bacon.  I didn’t expect him to be on board but surprisingly, he agreed immediately.   Okay, I’ll admit, he did indeed agree but I wouldn’t say it was enthusiastic, really.
I initially suggested we mirror Oprah’s challenge and go Vegan, but Johnny shot that down right off the bat.  Taking away his meat is one thing, but you can’t do that and take away his cheese as well.  Or butter.  Or sour cream.  So, we compromised.  No meat for one week, but we’re keeping cheese, eggs and dairy. I tried to sneak tuna in there as well, but meat is meat, I suppose.  No food with a face, as Phoebe from “Friends” used to say.  Damn.
We began yesterday.  So far, so good.  We went out to a mexican restaurant last night for my birthday ( I know…again) and ordered meatless choices.  Mine was a spinach and cheese enchilada, and his a veggie tamale with a cornmeal crust.  Both were quite yummy.
We’ve lined up a menu for the week including a tofu stir fry and spinach lasagna.
We’re making a meatless chili tomorrow night and we’ll do grilled cheese and soup over the weekend.  Thursday’s Taco Night is being altered with black beans as a substitute.  I’m anxious to see how we feel at the end of the week and see what changes this might encourage in our daily eating habits.  
Somehow I think my next Monday, Valentine’s day, Johnny will be ready to eat the ass end of a Unicorn.  Me?  I’m thankful for the potato.  And it’s juice*.  
*vodka.  it’s what’s for dinner!

2 thoughts on “Where’s the beef?

  1. Vegan = gas, as in farting…….Your stomach can't handle farting because of FOOD!You fart like most people breath!!Lord help us, I'll here ya all the way in Colorado!!!

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