To hell with cake, where’s the vodka?

Grab a dirty martini, y’all – today is my birthday!

I had a fantastic birthday weekend, I must say.  Johnny and I saw comedian Ron White on Friday evening after a gorgeous steak dinner.  We shared a bottle of wine and ended the meal with chocolate molten cake.  The steakhouse we went to is one of the finest in our city and is a little bit on the outskirts of town.  It’s on a very busy stretch of road and the parking lot is located behind the restaurant on a steep incline.  Why am I tell you these details?  Just you wait.

As we finished our dessert, Johnny paid the check.  Our waitress brought back our receipt and wished us a nice evening.  As she left our table she said “be careful pulling out”!  Before I could even look at Johnny I heard a voice loudly chirp, “that’s what SHE said“!  Johnny and I stared at each other and burst into laughter, not completely sure we’d heard that correctly.  For a moment I thought that although I was thinking it, I indeed had said it aloud without my knowledge.  We turned around to see another waitress laughing all the way across the room.  Upon seeing our reaction she jumped up and came to our table.   “I’m so sorry”, she gushed, “I just can’t help myself”.  Johnny and I assured her that we were not in the least bit offended.  I have often said it myself in similar situations.  That’s because my maturity level is that of a 10 year old boy.   Oh, and I have Tourette’s.

We are the only couple I know that can go out for a romantic candlelit dinner and end up on the floor laughing at a “that’s what she said” reference.  Awesome.  That waitress totally made our night.

You know what didn’t make my night?  Wait, let me back up.  I decided to dress a little sassy for my birthday dinner and in lieu of a dress I choose jeans and high heels.  I wore a black low cut sweater ( like I have boobs) and over that I wore a cropped brown leather jacket.  I had my hair rocked out a bit with long waves and I donned red lipstick, something that’s rare for me.  I felt pretty damn good about myself, really.  As I turned off the bathroom light, I took one last look in the mirror.  “Not bad for 43”, I thought.

I was standing in the kitchen as Johnny came in to grab his car keys.  He looked me up and down and quipped, “alright rebel with menopause, you ready to go”?
Alright, I gotta admit, it was pretty funny.  I giggled about it after I kicked him in the ‘nads.

So, we’re off for one more birthday meal this evening and I’m excited to see what 43 holds for me.  Like I’ve said before, I don’t mind getting older.  There was a time in my life when it seemed unlikely given my insane and foolish lifestyle.
I didn’t settle, mind you,  I just settled down.  It was safer for everybody.  (smile)

4 thoughts on “To hell with cake, where’s the vodka?

  1. Happy birthday! May 43 be as adventurous as 23. Or even 33. Or at least provide many stories for the blog.

  2. Roger says:

    You are always making me laugh.. I love you! Happy B'day again!

  3. Oh Jen, Happy Birthday! It only gets better! I loved 43 and I'm thrilling at 47And I'm stealing that delicious line.. Rebel with Menopause! Love it! Heather

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