My Yeast of Burden

When I was in my late twenties, I managed a New York style bagel shop. I had to be there every morning around before 5am. The bakery was down the road and I had to be there in the morning to let the delivery guy in with all the separate tubs of warm yeasty goodness. Pumpernickel, garlic, poppy and egg. Blueberry, cinnamon raisin and jalapeno. We offered a special bagel of the month as well, like pumpkin or rosemary. Yum. My all time favorite, however, is the Everything bagel.
True to its name, this bagel has a little bit of everything going on. Poppy seeds, garlic, sesame seeds and salt. Sometimes there are even toasted chopped onions in the mix as well. They’re the kitchen sinks of bagels. I adore Everything bagels.
Johnny has never cared for bagels. He thinks they’re too much bread and too darn chewy. He’d pick a blueberry muffin over a blueberry bagel any day. Good. More for me!
Now if it’s breakfast, I will get an everything bagel and toast it. I then smear some jalapeno cream cheese on both halves of said bagel. I slice up a fresh tomato and some red onions and add that to my breakfast sandwich. Now, I’ll admit, my breath is kickin’ like Bruce Lee after this morning treat, but it’s just so…darn…good.
But the everything bagel isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Throw some fresh tuna salad and sprouts on that bad boy. Slice it in half and top it with a little bit of light mayo and cucumber slices. Add some sea salt and sprouts. Put a tomato slice and some onion on each half and throw on a slice of provolone (or your fave) cheese and broil it for a few minutes. Heaven!
Toasted and then filled with deli turkey and swiss is always good, too. The softness of the dough and the crunch of the seeds become tasty partners. I love to add some avocado as well.
Everything bagels are indeed everywhere, too. In the freezer at your grocery store, and in bagel shops and bakeries all over. So go out and grab one today. I know we’re supposed to shun white flour and all things bread these days but I for one am powerless against the Everything bagel. Enjoy, I say!
Life is simply too short.

3 thoughts on “My Yeast of Burden

  1. CRAP! Now I gotta write up about the time I worked in a donut shop and they turned all the leftover into a delicious concoction called Chop Suey! Hey… you are NOT my Muse! lol (HB)

  2. Some people can't say no to donuts. Me? I can't say no to bagels. Specifically the everything bagel. I am so with you on this. And now much try having an everything bagel for lunch. Because GAH DAMN YES.

  3. Jen says:

    They are so totally delicious, in any form or fashion. Glad you agree!

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