I love February!

So, here’s my challenge. To post every single day in the month of February. Since February is associated with love, to make this a bit easier I’ve decided to do a post every day about something I love. It could be a room in my house, a favorite pair of boots, or even a dish I love to prepare. This gives me a little bit of a curve in trying to come up with something topical or remotely interesting every day. So, here we go!

We moved into our new house (it’s not new, but new to us) in May of last year. It was a dream come true for me and Johnny and the girls. We were living in the dilapidated ruins of an old farmhouse and I was completely miserable. We moved into a terrific neighborhood in a Brady Bunch-esque home and I am completely and utterly in love with this house. Mind you, it’s nothing fancy. It’s a odd layout with two kitchens but the toilets flush and the windows open and it’s got unique and quirky features. It’s not a perfect house, but it certainly is perfect for us.
This is the door knocker on the back patio. You pull the chain and the Woodpecker tap tap taps each time you yank it when his beak hits the little metal square. I find it jocular and charming. It tells me that the previous owners had to be fun and appreciate the whimsical. They sent us a letter when we moved in with hopes that we would love the house as much as they did and wished us years of happiness living here.
I assure you, we’re off to a very good start.

One thought on “I love February!

  1. You go Girl!! I love your postings and often link it to my Facebook page. Share the humor is my motto!I think the more difficult part is finding an illustration to go with any idea that pops into your head! lol Heather

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