Everybody say HO!

I have had quite possibly the most exquisite back to back two days in history. I’m hoping your Christmas was as impossibly fantastic as my own. Yesterday the cherubs awoke to a wonderful sight indeed. Scooters, TV’s, bean bag chairs and more and more and more.

The girls had an excellent Christmas and along with the baby Jesus, isn’t that what it’s all about?
As they started to play with their bounty, I took to the woods with Mr. Cooper. The snow was falling and it was brisk but never have I felt so alive and so fortunate. I’m adjusting well to my instant family, but don’t get me wrong, I cherish my walks with my old smelly dog. They give me peace and a greater appreciation of even the simplest act.
I returned home and the girls had headed over to their Mother’s house. Sweet peaceful serenity! Johnny and I immediately decided that we should put our pajamas back on and wallow in gluttony and decadence for the entire day. Which we totally did.
We ate what we wanted, when we wanted. We read. We played “Jeopardy” on the Wii, which is completely hilarious and addicting. We napped. We awoke, took off our pj’s and took hot showers, only to return to pj’s once again. Plain and simple, it was a perfect day. We had a leisurely dinner and cocktails and watched some episodes of our favorite shows such as The Office and The Soprano’s. We watched the snow fall and snuggled under cozy blankets. Pure bliss.
We stayed up way too late and slept in way too late this morning.
What of it, says I! I made a ridiculous brunch that included hash brown casserole, fresh fruit, breakfast sausage cornbread, bacon and gourmet coffee. I even cooked all of this, made a plate and ate and read while Johnny slept another hour. Part of being married (at least successfully) is realizing that your idea of perfection is not always shared by your partner.
We decided to brave the elements and see a movie this afternoon. We saw the Cohen Bros. remake of “True Grit”, which initially had me skeptical. The Dude is not The Duke, after all. However, it was a solid movie and we enjoyed it thoroughly. We’re rounding out these two perfect days with a surf and turf dinner and some more Wii “Jeopardy”. Maybe we’ll watch another movie. Maybe we’ll just go to bed early. Maybe we’ll reminisce about this sweet Christmas and be completely grateful for our blessed family and our lucky life together. This Christmas has been about remembering what is truly important to us and for the most part, those things are of the simplest nature. Family, friends and Faith. Laughter and Love. Good food and restful slumber.
A best friend in my husband, and my other best friend, who just happens to have a tail.
Peace to you and yours this Christmas season.
*Stay tuned for a completely ridiculous recap of 2010 in the very near future!

4 thoughts on “Everybody say HO!

  1. Shannon says:

    Merry Christmas, Ma!

  2. Shannon says:

    oh and Johnny and Mr. Cooper too. And those adorable little girls.

  3. Hey what about the DB's!!!……..well I guess I do like Mr. Cooper more than you! haSounds like a great Christmas!Let's chat this weekend!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sounds perfect, Jen! So glad you guys had such a great Christmas! – CukesP.S. Love your return mailing address sticker!!

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