Besides having no money or sense of self worth, I really dig being unemployed.

This last week has been a pretty straightforward example.

The past few mornings have been crisp and brisk and Mr. Cooper and I have thoroughly enjoyed trotting alongside the Tennessee river while taking in the spectacular Fall colors. This morning we chose a lovely greenway close to home and jogged alongside the morning train as it chug-chugged past us, loudly warming the air with its steamy blasts.
As I’ve posted before, I’ve revisited my love of bike riding and am riding almost every other day. My rides vary in length and elevation, but I enjoy just feeling the wind on my face and the sheer force of my own strength powering me along. My routes vary as well. Sometimes I find myself alone in the foothills of the mountains, and other times I’m downtown in crazy lunchtime traffic. It’s great exercise and costs next to nothing, so it’s win-win.
I’m reading again. I mean really reading, not just skimming through a Rolling Stone while I wait on my microwave popcorn. I recently completed The Year of Magical Thinking, by Joan Didion and am currently reading Room, by Emma Donoghue. I’ve got more books lined up too. It’s nice to look at the big stack on my nightstand and know I have even more to look forward to.
My house is clean. I mean clean. For those of you that know me, you know I have a healthy obsession penchant for cleanliness and order in my home. Well now that I have a little more time on my hands that has spilled over into OCD territory. Things are dusted daily, laundry is folded, and dishes are washed and put away. My pantry is full and organized by shelf. Plants are watered, groceries are plentiful and poor Johnny can barely brush his teeth without my running a sponge around the sink, sporting a can of Comet in my other hand.
I have such an appreciation for this time in my life. I’ve always worked and supported myself and though I know this recess won’t last, I’m embracing it fully. I’ve never been financially dependent on another person and although it’s temporary, I’m enjoying just having some time to slow down and look around. I’ve had time to think about the last two years and all the paths that led me here. The whirlwind that is my life has finally slowed down substantially and I’m learning a greater appreciation for what I have, and what the future holds.
Now, if I could just find someone to pay me to be a smart ass and drink vodka.
Damn you, Chelsea Handler.

5 thoughts on “Besides having no money or sense of self worth, I really dig being unemployed.

  1. I LOVE Chelsea Handler! lol. I see with all this time on your hands we're getting more blogs.. yay!I slowed down when I had my kids and stayed home with them for about 6 years before I was craving a job! Not that they weren't a job.. so maybe I was just craving talking to adults for 8 hrs a day!

  2. alphawoman says:

    I read and read and read while I farted around looking for a job. lol. I truly miss reading. I am working two jobs now trying to "catch up" and am getting tired. So what do I do? Get into something else!! Stella & Dot. If you have an inkling to learn something about this ground floor opportunity…email me.Mary (stuck in Clarksville)

  3. Me says:

    I mainly just like the title. You know I don't care about what else you're doing. Hahaha, JUST KIDDING 🙂

  4. Beth says:

    P.S. That comment up there is me…BMW!

  5. Jenny, your job needs to be compiling all of your blog into a book. Send off a few excerpts to different magazines, publishers, etc. I would buy it and I know tons of other people would too. You have a huge talent. Every post I read either has me laughing out loud or crying from happiness or sadness. You have a real knack for it. Take this time to do it!!

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