I’d like to buy a vowel.

Johnny and I love to play games. Board games, trivia games, word games, you name it. The below account will give you an idea of how our separate brains work completely differently. And by differently, I mean that his brain is dumb.
A few times a week we’ll have on Jeopardy! while we’re preparing dinner, or just relaxing after work. Often we’ll catch “Wheel of Fortune”, which airs prior to Jeopardy! hosted by the delightfully condescending Alex Trebek. He is, isn’t he? Sometimes instead of just saying “no, I’m sorry, that’s incorrect”, he’ll be all “Ha! No sir! That’s wrong!” or appear to be borderline jubilant when a contestant misses an answer. I have no way of knowing this, but I personally think that ole Alex is kind of a dick.
Oops, I digress.
I’m not a big fan of WOF, but sometimes it’s amusing. Last night was one of those times. Johnny and I tuned in towards the end of the show when it’s up to the final contestant to guess the words after picking 4 letters. This is what appeared on the screen. The clue was “THING”.
__ __ L __ __ __
__ N O __
Johnny: Um……”knob”? Some kind of “knob“.
Me: No way. It’s totally “snow“.
Johnny: “KNOB”!
Me: “SNOW”!
Johnny: Then what’s the word before “snow”, smart girl?
Me: Honey, I’m embarrassed that you don’t know. Duh. Of course it’s YELLOW!
Johnny: So you’re saying that the solution to this puzzle is “yellow snow”?!?
Me: What else could it possibly be?!?
This is where things get pretty damn silly. I mean, really. I’ve often said, “turn that crap you call music down”! Or perhaps, “crank it up honey, its Freebird”! But I’ve never, ever said…could you please turn up/down the “VOLUME KNOB“, darling?
Hey there, Pat Sajak! Here’s a puzzle for you, man.
YOU __ __ C K !
What? Obviously the answer is “ROCK”. Duh.

5 thoughts on “I’d like to buy a vowel.

  1. HA! A sign of true love no doubt the way you "disagree". lol. And truly a sign that the writer on WOF are as old as Pat, who is obviously an ageless alien transported down to mock us inferior beings.

  2. Oh and I'm stealing that picture!

  3. Jane says:

    Freebird…….right on!! Turn it up!!!

  4. Wendy says:

    We used to watch Jeopardy…but really only have a chance (really small chance) of getting things right when they do tee Jeopardy.

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