DIYDS (do it your damn self)

Two of my bestest pals came up last month to help me transform a room in our new house. My room. Our guestroom in our new home also doubles as my office, my scrapbooking room and my sanctuary. I love my room. I think it’s important to keep some separate things in a marriage. A place that’s yours, not ours. Johnny has a room attached to our bedroom – a place for his music, his instruments, and his computer. I call it his command center.

I’ve got this room.

Now, if this room appears to have a country feel, it’s because we came from a farmhouse, hence the quilt and the accessories. Our new home, however, is retro and funky and this room was in dire need of a makeover. I’ve never been a big fan of the color blue and this robin’s egg shade on the walls wasn’t working for me at all. Not to mention it seemed cold and the room itself was totally over crowded.

So, my pals Beth and Shannon came up for an afternoon of painting, laughing, the Indigo Girls and ultimately wine and sushi. I love these gals. They are hilarious, smart and funny. Also? They are really cheap labor.
Check out the amazing transformation.

I know it’s not the best photo. That’s actually my printer in the bottom left corner taking up all the room there. So, we went with three colors that I was reluctant to put together – turquoise, orange and espresso brown. The result was stunning. It’s warm and woodsy and I absolutely love it. I have all of my favorite things in one place. My music, my artwork, my scrapbook stuff, my computer and iPod, and some of my favorite books. The two lamps on each side of the bed really look lovely when they are lit up without the overhead light. The paint on the walls is called “toasted apricot” even though Johnny insists on calling it “Power T”. This is a reference to his college football team, the Tennessee Volunteers. I don’t care what you call it, I call it serenity.

So, thanks to Shannon and Beth for being the best DIY bitches a gal could ask for. And let’s be honest, I couldn’t have hired Mexicans cheaper than y’all.

6 thoughts on “DIYDS (do it your damn self)

  1. Me says:

    Jenny! We had so much fun. And, yes, I'm super cheap. And real easy, too!! I love the room and it's totally not orange :)BMW

  2. Shannon says:

    We are also much less entertaining than Mexicans! It was a lot of fun!!

  3. It's lovely! I totally agree your own space is so very important in a marriage. Those colors are WOWZA! I bet you're a summer! I'm contemplating something similar to my house after 13 years of plain white walls. Not sure I'm bold enough to do the entire room in Toasted Apricot but I could do the trim in it! lolEnjoy your space.. hope to get more blogs out of ya! 😉 Heather

  4. Jane says:

    Now it looks like you!!!!!!!Wow the other room scared me!

  5. alphawoman says:

    It looks fabulous. I miss having a "me" room.

  6. Clueless says:

    Love the room transformation! Can I hire them to do mine?

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