Mother. Movie. Mayhem.


My Mother and Richard came to visit Johnny and I over the 4th of July weekend. They wanted to see our new house, and I just wanted to see them. We had a great time and it was a reminder of how much I miss them. Since we’ve moved “up” into the Beverly Hills of East Tennessee, we decided to take them on a tour of our fabulous new neighborhood. We piled into my Jeep with Johnny at the wheel and Mom and I in the back for a fun late afternoon tour.
We oohed and cooed over all of the million dollar mansions and palaces just one street away from our new home. As we were passing a particularly beautiful tudor, I noticed a rather large dog hunkered down in the (fence-less) front yard taking a very large dump.
“That’s just beautiful”, remarked my Mother, eyeing said dog. “What in the hell are you talking about?”, I replied. “That dog, pooping”, she said. “I know you’re talking about that dog pooping, Mom, but how is that beautiful”? Her retort?
“Because you know that’s not his yard“. And she was right.
Reason No. 3,983 why I love my Mom.

Go see this movie. Now.
It’s a dark and disturbing tale of meth-heads and hillbillies and secrets and desperation. I loved it. There’s notsomuch as one smile in the film but I was riveted by the performances and the grit of Ree, the lead character. In the end she is faced with a task so horrific, I had to turn my head away. More than once. Not for the light hearted, but well worth your $7. So, there’s the Girl, Corrupted movie review for this month.

Pics and commentary of the new house and possibly a guest post by a raw and inexperienced writer. We like to mix it up here at the House of Corruption, don’t ya know. This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend a lovely birthday party that included some of my dearest friends. What they didn’t mention, however, is that there would be a drinking game called “flip cup”, beer funnels AND karaoke. Oh! Did I mention there was Cornhole too?
I am 42 years old and I did around 10 jello shots. How awesome am I?
Wait, don’t answer that. It was an excellent time and I loved every single beer swilling, vodka chugging, Krystal’s-at-the-wrong-exit part of it. It brought back so many memories and crazy recollections of the past. It also made me really happy that I’m not still residing there. The next day? I hurt. However, it was worth every single Ibuprofen just to see some old pals again. Cheers, friends.
The finest quote of the weekend? “You know, Chuck Norris likes his meat so rare that the only thing he’ll eat is Unicorn”.
I’m a lucky gal.

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