More Mish Mash and Nonsense


Johnny: You cannot start one more sentence with ” today on Dr. Phil”. Not. One. More.
Me: Fine. Guess who was on Oprah?!?
Still looking for a job, obviously.

Today I watched a fascinating documentary called “Southern Comfort“. In short, it is a moving film about a female to male transexual dying of Ovarian cancer. Lighthearted? Notsomuch. It was unbelievable to me that this person was denied and adamantly refused treatment for his condition because of his transgender status. I naively thought this to be illegal. How incredibly sad and inhuman. How do they get away with that?!?
Robert himself is a genuinely charming man. A cowboy, a gentleman and a grandfather. Some of the footage got somewhat confusing as Robert is in love with Lola, a transgendered male to female. Robert removed his breasts, but still has an intact vagina. So technically, they are still a man and a woman, but they swapped roles. I found it to be totally absorbing. As they mentioned in the film, they’re the last minority of racism, really. Robert reflects, “first it was the blacks, and then it was the gays, and now it’s our turn”. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to not feel at home in your own body. To feel like your body is a betrayal of your soul.
These folks don’t just cross-dress and pretend to be of a different gender. They undergo massive surgeries in which to begin their transition. They inject themselves with Testosterone and Estrogen. They suffer rejection from the people that are supposed to love them the most. It’s wildly engrossing. I don’t pretend to understand their situations. I just want them to be shown the same compassion and respect as anyone else.

The other day Bret Michael’s was on Oprah. It was his post-op interview since his strokes and seizures and all of that. Well, good grief, she had to put in some “filler” material and cap out the hour. I swear to God, if I cannot fill ONE HOUR with my life story before I die then we’re not doing the show. Well, unless the “filler” is Kelly Clarkson and then we’re totally doing the show and I get to sing back-up on “Break Away”. Just sayin’.

This week I got to meet up with an old friend. We haven’t seen each other in almost 15 years, although as soon as we reunited, it was just like no time had passed whatsoever. We reminisced, we laughed and we had an absolutely splendid time. I’m all for making new friends but there’s something magical about a life long friend. He and I kind of “grew up” together, you could say. Technically we were adults, we met in our early 20’s but that was back in the days of the Sunset Strip and the Whiskey-A-Go-Go. We were wild, crazy and broke. We remain the best of friends although years fill in the blanks between our visits. It made my heart swell to see my old pal Denny. Cheers to you, Den-Man.

Well, here’s the deal. I’ve whined, pissed and moaned about my Sciatica and back pain. I’ve been wanting to get back into an exercise program or a boot camp and get back on track with my weight. Now that things are on the mend it’s time. I’ve got a 30 day weight management program that I’m going to attempt. It’s pretty severe and of course, the worst part is that booze is a no-no. Any booze.
I’m hardly obese but I have a good 15-20 lbs to lose. Johnny wants to lose weight as well so while we’re both going about it differently, we still have the same goal. One month of proper eating, daily exercise, and no booze. No wine with dinner. No beers while watching sports. NO FUN. I do enjoy a good challenge and I know that I’ll reap the benefits in the next four weeks. I’m going to start next week as one of my best friends is celebrating her 30th birthday this weekend so debauchery will ensue. Vodka, cornhole, flippy cup, karaoke, and decadence. Can’t wait. I’ll keep y’all posted. I can’t wait to report about my bowel movements after a week on steel cut oatmeal and blueberry smoothies. God help me.
No, moreso…God help you guys.
Current weight: 155
Goal weight: 140
So, come next week, it’s on like Donkey Kong. Bring on the string cheese and the almonds!

One thought on “More Mish Mash and Nonsense

  1. Joe says:

    Thank you for the laugh, i needed that after this week of hell. And, aren't we all trying to loose a pound or two. You said no fun, wine, the crappy food. Try lots of sex, think of it as a work out. hehe

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