Avril Lavigne did it first. And better.

Whatev, Kristen Stewart.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m 42 years old and I’ve actually gone to see the movie “Twilight”, and recently rented “New Moon”. I’m all about getting on the bandwagon if the series is all that. I’ve not read the books, although I hear they are compelling. I gotta tell y’all though, I was not impressed with “New Moon”. Bella is just about as much fun as she looks. As in, NO FUN AT ALL. I bet she cuts herself.
Brooding. Pissed off. Entitled. The “love” story is completely unbelievable because she’s just so depressing. They don’t ever seem to actually enjoy themselves. Even when she’s “happy”, she’s not, really. It found it incredibly annoying. Yes, I watched the entire movie but that’s because I’m unemployed and in incredible pain most of the time. Well, actually my sciatica is improving but the movie itself was incredibly painful to watch so that counts.
What was not annoying at all is this.

‘Bout to lose those britches, aren’t ya Jacob? Say what you want but Bella needs to get her mortal head out of her ass and go for this dude. End of story. He’s sweet, he’s always warm and he’s a werewolf! I mean, who wouldn’t pick a werewolf over a vampire? She’s obviously not an animal lover. Allergies, perhaps.

Anyway, I heart Jacob and if that makes me a cougar well, then fine. He’s a wolf, after all.
Call me Jacob. She’s no good for you. Let her have the undead. I’ve got firewater!
*What an enlightening post, Girl Corrupted. Do I talk about the oil spill? No! The USA winning against Algeria? Nope. Firing General McChrystal? Heck no! Instead I’m posting about Twilight. GOOD GRIEF. I simply have to get off these painkillers.

7 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne did it first. And better.

  1. Shannon says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Shannon says:

    of all the ridiculous shit I watch, I have not even seen these movies. (I clearly haven't read them…because well…that would involve reading…) I am disappointed, Ma.

  3. Jane says:

    I love Jacob!!! I liked him more better with the long hair!Ha Some things never change!

  4. Joe says:

    Thanks for the laugh!!!

  5. I haven't seen the movies. Mostly because I read the books and they were so not for me. That guy is pretty cute though.

  6. Amy says:

    I did read the books and they were wonderful. The movies are a big disappointed in comparison (isn't that always the case, though?) The love story in the book is very real and I think Kristen Stewart does a terrible job at portraying it. If I'd only seen the movies and not read the books, I'd have to agree that I'd be Team Jacob all the way. But I'll hold onto my love for the book version of Edward. Read the books. I do think you would enjoy them. I'd loan you mine if I wasn't a few hundred miles away.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I'm with Jane! Team Jacob WITH the long hair!!!! Ummm ummm good!Nancy

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