Scrabble Babble

First of all, thanks to you loyal readers and commenters that have made suggestions and offered your support during this difficult time with my back injury/Sciatica. I’m still struggling but my recovery hasn’t been easy due to what I like to call my life. This weekend Johnny and I took the trek up to Michigan to visit my 103 year old precious Granny Esther.

Mind you, Doc says I’m not supposed to sit for over 15 minutes at a time without rising to at least walk around and stretch. Of course that’s not possible on a 8-9 hour road trip. However, being that she is 103 years old, I was not at liberty to put it off for another month or two, let’s just be honest. So, we went.
My lovely Granny lives in a teeny tiny town in Southern Michigan boasting two (!) stoplights. She’s the oldest resident by far and while it’s somewhat quaint, there’s just not a lot to do there. We usually make a trip into the neighboring town for lunch and then spend the evening with Granny, playing cards or Scabble. My Granny is an infamous Scrabble player although I still maintain that she totally cheats. A few years ago my Mom and I were playing with and she played the word “numble”. I glanced over the table at my Mom with a raised eyebrow. Grandma was gloating and recording her score. She reads lips so as long as she’s not looking directly at you, you can talk low and she can’t hear a thing. “Mom”, I whispered, “that’s totally not a word. C’mon…numble“? “I know”, she replied, but let’s just let it go, she’s an old lady for God’s sakes and this game has already gone on too long”.
I agreed and we kept playing. The game wore on and on and Grandma was behind. She only had one letter left and when it came her turn, don’t you know she put a “D” on the end of “numble” which happened to be a triple word score. She threw her hands up in victory. I was not about to let it go this time.
Me: Grandma, you cannot win by making a word past tense when the word does NOT exist!
Grandma: Sure I can. What are you talking about?
Me: No, you can’t. No one has ever been “numbled”.
Grandma: Well, I don’t know about you, but I have.
Me: Oh, good grief.
So, we played again this past weekend. Please check out the below board. My little Granny had quite the selection of words, doesn’t she? Nothing like hearing your Grandma gleefully say “tit”!

Okay, I’ll confess – I’m the one that added the “S” to “queer”. I know I’m a bad person but c’mon, it was getting totally cut-throat and I was worried Grandma would bust out with some made up bullshit and sweep the board yet again. In her defense, she is unaware of the slang use of these words, as far as I know. That’s what made it even more amusing.

At 103 years old, she’s still on her game. I hope I take after her, but let’s not kid ourselves, I should probably be wearing Depends now.

3 thoughts on “Scrabble Babble

  1. I love your Granny, and I'm willing to bet she knows exactly what those words mean.

  2. Jane says:

    Hee – in all these years I've never met her! But I feel like I know her!!

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