Oh, the hats I have worn.

Once again I am coming upon another precipice of my adult life.

I’m going to have to find a job. My job at the school ended last week so I’m faced once again with career change. Well, “career” is such a strong word. I had a career for around 8 years in the computer software industry. That said, the love of my life found me again after 20 years and I up and married him and subsequently moved to another city three hours away and quit said career. His Mother owned and operated a pre-school and upon suffering severe health issues, I was handed the reins to help out, but inevitably, to take over. Now, this month, that is coming to a close.
So, lately I’ve been reflecting upon my future employment choices, as well as my past. What do I want to do? What am I good at?
Well, let’s see. Let’s review my employment history.
I started out well enough. My very first job was as bagger at a grocery store. GOOD TIMES. I live in the South and it was hot and muggy and people are old and frail and you are constantly going outside to load groceries into their hot old cars. From there I became a stable hand at a local farm. I was the sole caretaker to six horses and every day after school I would change into my barn clothes and head to the barn. For the next two hours I would muck stalls, spread manure via tractor, and feed the horses. I’d also take 6 horses (at ONCE) to three separate pens. The only advice I was given was “don’t wrap the leads around your fist, lest you be drug to your death”. Thank ya! More than once a rabbit would spring from the grass and I’d have visions of being torn limb from limb whilst the horses would scatter in different trajectories.
Then I’d have to go get them. Yes sir. $5 an hour.
On came college where I worked as a waitress in a few different locations. I worked for my now husband at a campus bar, and at a check cashing facility. I worked as a pizza waitress after that. The nights spent post-closing at the bar are some of the most memorable and impressionable of my life. Youth + music + booze + optimism + youth again + education = becoming who you are meant to be. Formulating a path and a personality. Learning. It was a formative experience.
After I got out of college I did what every girl in the world wants to do. I fell “in love” with a rockstar and moved to Hollywood, California. From there my career path got really winding and weird. I worked for a home healthcare office. I moonlighted at a bar in North Hollywood that was dangerous and violent. I still shudder at some of the evenings I spent there. Wow. From there I went to United Artists Theaters and landed in the payroll department of all things. Again, random and weird. I made some life long friends at that company though and still laugh at the memories.
United Artists suffered lay-offs and I decided to jump ship while jumping was good and went to an independently owned advertising agency on Hollywood Boulevard. The woman that ran it was INSANE and had the self entitlement bitch thing down WAY before reality television. She also had two little shitbag dogs that she brought INTO THE OFFICE every day. I was her Accountant, but it wasn’t uncommon for her to send me to Beverly Hills to pick up the latest Prada bag.
After the Northridge Earthquake I decided to bail yet again and for no apparent reason whatsoever, I decided to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bad move. However, while there I became a temporary Real Estate agent and a cocktail waitress. Neither were lucrative. I loved working in the bar, however. Imagine that.
That plan shit the bed and I moved home to Nashville thinking that I had a boyfriend that would turn into something. Again, I was wrong. I worked for the temp agency that he ran and became the Accounts Receivable clerk for an fiber optic cable company. How exciting! NOT. From there I went on to become a receptionist at a computer company. Upon learning that I convinced a group of men at a bar that I was indeed a cropduster, my boss promoted me directly to Sales, where I remained until more layoffs sent me packing yet again. I went on to work at a Country Video Channel which was a dream job. I sat around watching videos every day and had cocktails with my boss in the afternoons. She was “Sex in the City” fantastic and I loved her and the job. It was a lot of fun, but short lived due to it didn’t pay for shit.
Once again I had a boyfriend that I thought would turn into something and that something took me to Manchester, England. For a year. I was not permitted to work so that respite led to a lot of cooking and walking through very old cemeteries. It was anything but glamorous however as we were b-roke.
Upon my return to the States, my “cropdusting” boss contacted me about a position at his new company. It was back to Corporate America for me and I loved everything about that company. I was hired into the Sales Department initially, but after a few promotions, I landed in the Legal Department between the clients and our parent company. I had the corner window office and an assistant named Jennifer. Hilarious.
I worked there for almost 9 years and it was a tearful goodbye, but true love found me and I turned in my resignation.
So here I am. Trying once again to figure out my path. I’d love to be a writer, but let’s not kid ourselves, I can’t even keep up with this little blog. I don’t know where my future lies but I better find it quickly. Somehow we’ve managed to acquire three mortgages with one job between us. Oprah would kick my ass.
If all else fails, I guess it’s back to stripping. Wait. Did I fail to mention that stint?
Oh, I kid.

7 thoughts on “Oh, the hats I have worn.

  1. So it may not be what some consider a conventional career path, but damn girl I bet you got some great stories. And if you want to write, write. The hardest part is starting. But once you start, you won't be able to stop.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Write Jen write!!!!

  3. Jane says:

    Why did that show Anonymous???

  4. Sheri says:

    Jen, you could always take another different path and start a Cucakery like Doug and I did 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    jen take this blog and put it into a blog book

  6. alphawoman says:

    I love it when you post! Is that computer company hiring? lol (no seriously, this Asst. Marketing Mgr. job is fun but pays peanuts!!)

  7. Joe says:

    Write!!!!!! Or marry me, I have money. Oh, I kid!

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