Mi Amigas


Things have been so incredibly busy, I’m not sure where to start. Johnny’s Father has been ill and we’ve been looking for a new permanent home for the school. Then suddenly, Johnny’s Mother had a heart attack as well. The third heart attack in this family is going to occur in yours truly, I tell ya.
The good news? I went to Cancun with the DB3 last week. Take that lime and suck it.
We were together for the first time in 3 years. There’s been a birth, a marriage and a divorce since our last reunion. And yet, nothing felt any differently the minute we sat down for our sea-side happy hour. Our ages span from late 30’s (stace) to early 40’s (me) to later 40’s (jane and schell). Yet when we get together, we all become 16 years old again.
We actually got HYSTERICAL (embarrassing) over the “what do you call a guy with no arms and no legs” gag. You know…what do you call a guy with no arms and no legs in a swimming pool? BOB!
Jesus, help me. We were all in bed and had been out for the night cock-tailing and this became the funniest thing ever. I won’t go into it, save our dignity.
But I will give you guys a few memorable quotes:
Jane: There’s a gross stain on this throw pillow!
Me: Jane, there is not.
Jane: Yes there is. I think it’s jizz!
Me: Jane, it is not. This is a zillion dollar resort.
Jane: YES IT IS! We need one of those black light spooge-o-meters from Dateline!
Me: Stacy, go handle this.
Stacy: *peers over at Jane’s pillow*
Stacy: She’s right. Those are pecker tracks if I’ve ever seen ’em.
Random awesome quote from Schell: I don’t know what Jane actually does for a living, but I do know that she thinks she uses Algebra.
Another quote from Schell upon listening to my iPod shuffle.
Me: Isn’t my iPod awesome?
Schell: Sure, Jen.
Me: C’mon! Nothing says PAR-TAY like Gordon Lightfoot!
Schell: You’re right, Jen, you really know how to bring it.
Suffice to say it was a magical long weekend and we laughed until we cried every single day. We ate like Lords and had a seaside breakfast every morning of fresh juices and assorted delights. We read and listened to music and the tv in our room was never once turned on. We had cocktails before lunch! Heaven!
We spent one morning poolside trying to figure out which of the Sex in the City starlets each of us resemble. I decided to quit trying to force ourselves into the personas of fictional characters and remember that each one us is unique. Together we are a mighty quartet and I couldn’t cherish our friendship more. Some friends ask you to take them to the airport. Others ask you to help them move. Some ask for childcare, or even money. These three could ask me for a kidney* and I wouldn’t think twice before scheduling the operation. We’re that close. It’s effortless and I’ve never had this level of friendship with anyone else. Maybe it was our youth that made us cling to each other 20 years ago. Maybe it was desperation or being drunkards. I don’t know and I’m not sure that I care. What I do care about is that these three women are at the core of my being. My husband is my everything, but these girls are my foundation. I say girls, because when we’re together, that’s what we become. However, make no mistake, these three women are powerful, intelligent and strong. They are mothers and sisters and daughters. Wives, friends and businesswomen. Creative, passionate and courageous.
They are also my life long best friends.
Here’s to the Dude Ranch this Summer, you whores. I love you guys.
* they know better than to ask for one of my kidneys but I am trying to make a point.

7 thoughts on “Mi Amigas

  1. New friendships are great…but there's just something about those old ones that nothing can ever top!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic time!

  3. Shannon says:

    really.. Gordon Lightfoot on a beach vacation? Do you hate them too? "..and it doesn't even have a chorus..just listen.. TWENTY NINE people died.. let's start it over.." oh geez..

  4. Jane says:

    Good thing you cleared that up…..your kidney along with your LIVER are worthless!!!I do to use algebra, I asked a co-worker and I do!

  5. Jen says:


  6. Joe says:

    From what i have read over the past months. I would have to say that you are truly blessed and you never take it for granted. Such a wonderful person. ps Thanks for all the laughs.

  7. Jane says:

    What do you call a girl with no arms and no legs on a grill!!!!PATTY

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