This afternoon it started snowing and elicited panic city-wide where I live. I left work a little early because I’m the boss and I can.

I decided to stop by the store on my way home and I completely forgot how crowded and insane stores get before a snowfall in the South. The parking lot was full of people rushing in for the bare essentials before becoming homebound by the storm.
As I stood in the express line I noticed I was surrounded by folks with their baskets overflowing with milk, bread and baby food. I glanced down at my own basket.
Tonic water and toilet paper.
I have my priorities too, ya know.

3 thoughts on “Necessities

  1. Daisy says:

    Wish you were here—I could ski over to your place and enjoy some of that tonic! Crazy here…they are not plowing any of the side roads. Eastland, Cahal, Ellington-the interstates are shit. So I am going stir crazy! Miss ya!

  2. alphawoman says:

    I had beer. After living in Ft Wayne, this was a walk in the park. I know, all you need is beer. Ha!

  3. joe says:

    Funny, what would you do with some cold weather. We hit -11.4 at night. But i guess a few sheets of that toilet paper could keep one warm.

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