Inside Thoughts

I find that it is imperative to have a sense of humor while trying to work/cope in the child care industry. I wish some of my parents felt the same.

C’mon. The other day at lunch a child sneezed so hard that a boogery snot-ball launched from her nostril (end over end) upon finding its final resting place on the very dark forehead of one of our African American children. I only mention his race because the snotball was that much more prominent on his little melonhead. They both laughed their asses bottoms off while I gagged in my extremely lame attempt to clean them both up. I was laughing too until I realized I was the one that had to come to their aid.
At times I try to look like I actually am a woman of the people and hopefully gain the respect of my teachers. Not often, I might add.
So, a sense of humor is mandatory, right? Evidently, not if you’re a parent and I “lost” your kid.
Mom: So where is Julie?
Me: Who?
Mom: Julie. My daughter. Where is she?
Me: *nervous laughter* Well, I’m not absolutely sure.
Mom: Not sure?
Me: Yeah! Not sure. As in, I’m not sure where your daughter is.
Mom: Well, that’s very reassuring.
Me: Oh good Lord, lighten up. She’s a twin. You have another one that looks just like her.
OMG. The lady I’m referring to DID NOT find this funny. At all. I’m really not cut out for this business.
Let me tell ya’ll that said twin was in the bathroom with a teacher and I wasn’t aware of that. She was in no way lost, and I knew that inherently, I just didn’t know her wherabouts. Maybe I should have said that. Hmmmm.
Anyway, I think I’m going to have to keep my “inside thoughts” to myself. STILL.
Good luck, Jen.

2 thoughts on “Inside Thoughts

  1. Julia says:

    Love it! It was a treat for me to catch up. I had not visited since Hair and Now. My favs – the panty liner on Johnny's head and your shower experience with the mouse. Also really enjoyed the recap of your first year married 🙂

  2. joe says:

    Thank you for the wonderful entertainment.

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