Fall, ya’ll

This is my first Autumn in East Tennessee and I must say, it’s breathtaking. The colors are a starburst of yellow, orange and red and every variation and hybrid in between.

Last weekend Johnny and I took a Sunday drive through the Smoky Mountains to snap some photos and appreciate all of the Fall bounty and beauty. We spent a great afternoon listening to Lyle Lovett’s new CD while curving around the mountains enjoying each and every stunning view. I will not mention that Johnny *may* or *may not* have pulled over for speeding in said park. It would be rude to do so, after all.

Met my Mom and Stepdad this weekend for a quick over-night visit and food-fest. As always, absolutely hilarious. Great food, fantastic company and a ton of laughs. I miss my little family. The more time Johnny spends around my Mother the more he realizes that I just come by my quirks honest. One could say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to me and my Mom. Good and bad. We are out of the closet burpers AND farters. We clean up well but laugh at very inappropriate things. We think we’re funnier than most folks do. Screw ’em, I say.

While on our weekend adventure we stopped at a little rural gas station and minnow market. The dude behind the counter was missing ALL of his teeth and his left eye. Not only was he missing his eye, it was merely an empty dry socket. YES IT WAS. Put a patch over that thing, brother.

Johnny was incredulous at this and frankly, so was I. I could only come to the conclusion that if your Mother is too ignorant to remind you to brush your teeth, she was probably totally absent when it came to the “you could put your eye out” reprimands.
The pics? My new backyard.

One thought on “Fall, ya’ll

  1. *snort* Or, she figured he'd only do it once before learning…Oh, and I hate you and your beautiful back yard.

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