Much ado about nothing.

So my husband is a lot smarter than I am.  I’m just gonna go ahead and  throw  that out there.   He often enjoys spending our evenings watching programs like The Colbert Report,  Jon Stewart and Bill Maher.   Me?  I’m all give me Kathy Griffin and her damn life on the D-List.

Last night I tried to split it both ways but in a sense, it really doesn’t matter.  I’m not even smart enough to argue my point without sounding even more retarded.  However, we were both thrilled to watch “One Hit Wonders” on VH-1.  Now that is something we can both agree on – our love of music.   We were both salivating and betting on what the Number 1 “one hit wonder” would be….I said “Tainted Love”/Soft Cell and he offered up “Come on Eileen”/Dexy’s Midnight Runners. 
 He won.   At least it wasn’t “Safety Dance”.   WTF with that song?
Last weekend Johnny and I were at Border’s Bookstore.  For no apparent reason whatsoever, the manager of the store approached me and started telling me about the new monthly feature book.  A book so wonderful, evidently, that she even typed up a review and put out on the display shelf for all to see.   As Johnny was purchasing his book she continued to extol the splendor of this novel that is told from the perspective of a dog.  The dog “wrote” the book.  Okay, whatever.
As we exited the store Johnny was laughing and shaking his head.  “I know”,  I said, 
“I must have looked like I needed a recommendation”.
“No idea”, Johnny said, “but  the only way I could be less interested in that book was if it was written from the perspective of a cat“. 
We’ve proudly added a full blown hound dog to our family.   Lucy Dog.  She was timid and mistrusting at first but I kid you not I think she gave Johnny a lap dance last night as he rubbed her long ears.  Hilarious.  She’d writhe all over him and sit up on two legs and then dramatically flop her entire upper torso over his leg and look up at him with those hang dog eyes.   Mr. Cooper loves her though and they are quite the pair.  
Spent the past weekend in Chicago with some dear friends.  Friends I’ve known over half of my life.   I was so excited to get away for three days and feel like “my old self”, you know?   No kids, no work, no responsibilities!   Not possible.   I found myself in a cab heading back to the flat at 7pm after spending the day at a festival.   WORN OUT. My companions stayed out and tripped the light fandango, but I just couldn’t hang.  
I asked my pal James how he had the constitution and fortitude.  “Girl”, he said, “I have my PhD in Street Festival!”.   How true.   
We had a great time but in some ways I think we’ve got such different lives now that it was challenging to relate to each other on one level.   On another, some things never change and I loved catching up and reminiscing.  People that know the real you and love you anyway are always worth the time and trouble of a road trip.   We’re all in our forties now and I was pleased to see that while together we still felt like those young 20-something kids.   It seemed hardly any time had passed.
When I returned to work yesterday a teacher asked me about my trip.  I’ve been very vocal about my struggles to adapt to my new life.   I’ve never been one to hold back and usually if I think something, I say it.  Not always the smartest thing, but that’s me.   Many of my new pals have laughed along with me at some of the frustrations and difficulties of my new life.  It’s been a wild ride and the last 8 months of my life have also been the most challenging.
When I trotted in yesterday, she started laughing.    “I bet you didn’t want to come home, did you”?!?!   “Tell the truth”!
 Sunday evening I walked into our dark little kitchen exhausted and with luggage in tow.  I found my blue-eyed husband preparing our dinner and two stinky-ass dogs going apeshit at my feet.   I felt loved and missed.  And you know what else? 
She was wrong.  I was home.

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